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Default Any Recommendation - Sheet fed scanner
All this talk about going paperless has me going hmmmm - what would I do without moutains of receipts and piles of paper?

I've been looking around, and the options are endless, and somewhat overwhelming. So I'm looking to my 'experts' for recommendations on sheet-fed scanners.

What I'm thinking of is a device that hooks directly to the computer, and a page can ge fed through quickly.

I have an all-in one printer, but it is time consuming - lifting the top to the flatbed, pushing 5 buttons, going back to the computer hitting 2 more buttons, and then when the scan is done hitting another button. OR taping receipts to a blank piece of paper and feeding through the document feeder. For every single receipt for a real estate investor who rehabs properties, this would take forever. Most reciepts are on thermal paper which will fade in time.

I'd rather run them through a device that captures all the information and can be filed easily in batches. I have seen these at airports, but before now, didn't look too closely because - well, I had a flatbed scanner, and it would do the same thing. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting information.

Any thoughts/ideas? I know someone must use something similar.

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Default Re: Any Recommendation - Sheet fed scanner
Have you looked into getting one of those receipt scanners? I think they cost about $300 (maybe a bit pricey) but you can feed the receipts through just as they are and, if you get the software that goes with it, it has that OCR reader thingy and you can organize them and even do expense reporting and stuff without ever having to fill out a spreadsheet.
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Default Re: Any Recommendation - Sheet fed scanner
One of my colleagues used to use the NeatReceipt scanner and liked it. She's since gone completely paperless and had to upgrade. She now has two Snap Scan's and swears by them. They are pricey but as she says "its ROCKS!" Seriously, with how much she raves about this product the company should be paying her a marketing fee.
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