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Old 07-18-2012
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Default Pre Launch ***NEW WEBSITE***REVIEW
Hi ladies:

I am the finishing line and now it's time for you guys to push me over with your reviews. This will allow me to make changes and adjust the site with your feed backs... Be gentle ....I am excited and tired at the same time. It's has been and still is a journey. I did this by self, no feed back I just researched and did the site. I hope you all like it.

Thank you all in advance.

Robertha I Higgins, LAC Virtual Solutions *Under Constructio**
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Old 07-18-2012
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Default Re: Pre Launch ***NEW WEBSITE***REVIEW

Great job so far. My first suggestion would be to put your contact information on all pages, be it an email or phone number. You may also want a call to action such as "Contact me today for a consultation" or a free report. Something that will peak interest in following up with you.

You may also want to add some graphics or images to your pages just to add a little visual interest. You should also add some internal links to relevant pages. For example where you have contact link to your contact page. In your FAQ look for areas to link other pages.

I also noticed on some pages you have the comments on and others it is off. I would suggest that you turn comments off on all your static pages.

You may also want to add some things to your sidebar. It look rather bare with only the search button. Some suggestions would be contact info, social media links, recommendation links, etc. You just need something there so that there is not so much white space.

I did not check grammar and spelling so you may want to really give that a once over too. Again, great job on your first website. It will always be a work in progress but you are well on your way to making it fantastic.
Lee Drozak
WHY GO IT ALONE?... I am here to help you get unstuck.
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Old 07-18-2012
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Default Re: Pre Launch ***NEW WEBSITE***REVIEW
Great job on your website, and congratulations! I too just got mine up and running, as simple as mine looks, it took a long time for me to put together as a newbie to website building.

I only have two points for you to consider:

1) A testimonial page normally has testimonials from current or past clients, however your testimonial page is a comment form which immediately clues people in to the fact that you don't have any. I would recommend that until you receive your first testimonial that you hide the page. You can request testimonials from your clients in a no-pressure way via email by just mentioning that if they would like to provide one you would really appreciate it. Just a thought.

2) You have a page for blogging, however it is also empty. Again, I would suggest you hide the page until you post your first blog.

Again, great job and good luck with your business!
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Old 07-18-2012
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Default Re: Pre Launch ***NEW WEBSITE***REVIEW
Hi Robertha,
I thought your website looked good! I agree with with Lee. I think you should fill in the white spaces. I noticed one typo on your "about" page, 1st paragraph: "virtual" should be capped.

I'm also working on my website. Lots of work. When I'm done, I will ask you ladies to review it.

Irma Chism, Owner
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Old 07-19-2012
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Default Re: Pre Launch ***NEW WEBSITE***REVIEW

Nice job on the website. The design looks nice.

I agree with the other comments on this post (including adding something to the right column & removing the Leave a Reply at the bottom of the static pages). In addition, here are a few comments of my own:
  • On your home page:
    • In paragraph 2 the 5th word in "business" should be businesses.
    • In this same paragraph I would use some commas.

      Currently the paragraph says: "We service a variety of business from small business owners to self employed professionals to non profit groups. Anyone looking to take the load off, and have a professional handle most business functions."

      I would change it to: We service a variety of businesses from small business owners, to self employed professionals, to non profit groups. Anyone looking to take the load off, and have a professional handle most business functions.
  • In your footer, I would
    • remove the link to Wordpress and the corresponding wording
    • Add your company information to the Copyright .... Copyright © 2012. LAC Virtual Solutions. All Rights Reserved.
  • About Us Page:
    • If you are capitalizing the industries you have worked I would capitalize them all, including database management, or capitalize none...just be consistent.
    • You may want to consider not starting each sentence in the paragraph describing you with the word "she".
    • Move "About Robertha Higgins" up a bit on the page (and the paragraphs below). There appears to be to much space after your header sentence.
    • In your last line "Contact LAC Virtual today for your business needs." I would suggest either hyperlinking this to your contact page, and/or listing your contact information.
  • Contact Page
    • You might want to put some graphics on this page, it looks a little bare.
  • FQA
    • In your first answer, you may want to consider using the Serial Comma. (See VAF post on this is issue here.) This would be putting a comma after sales professionals and before and.
  • Rates Page
    • Your capitalization and spacing of hrs/month is different for each plan. Pick a style and be consistent with all 3 plans.
    • If you are going to use a bullet point for the plans, I would also use one for the hourly rate.
    • You might want to consider putting some graphics next to the plans to give the page more color.
  • Services Page
    • Appears to be an extra space after the word Basic ... For Basic Website Design/Set-up. Also there appears to be an extra space after the word Secure in this same section.
  • Testimonials & Blog
    • I would turn off these pages until you have content to post.
Best of Luck,

Julie | Virtual Resource Services, Inc (VRSI)
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