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Old 03-12-2008
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Default Photoshop and Logos
Hi all!

Does anyone know what the standard canvas settings are in photoshop for a logo or where I could find a good professional photoshop logo tutorial?
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Old 03-12-2008
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Default Re: Photoshop and Logos
Finding a tutorial for a logo might help you learn the elements and features used for that particular logo, but Photoshop is such a complex program - you'd be missing out on many possible design ideas for your own logo.
But, if you want to give it a shot I'd check out the Tutorials section of our Industry Directory (look for the link to Photoshop 101 and then search there for appropriate tutorials for what you'd like to do.)

As to the size - that would vary depending on if you're designing for print or web so isn't easily guesstimated. I tend to design at or a little bigger than actual size for web - for print you'll want a much larger field.

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Old 03-12-2008
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Default Re: Photoshop and Logos
Thanks, Tess!!
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Old 04-01-2008
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Default Re: Photoshop and Logos
I'd also strongly suggest that you create a logo in a vector program, like Adobe Illustrator. While Photoshop is great for graphics, when it comes to print, Illustrator will design the most versatile logo for your needs that can be resized as needed for all of your needs.

Then, you can import your logo into Photoshop to create web items, etc.

For print design, Adobe inDesign is also a great tool.
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