Would like some feedback on possible name.


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I asked my husband for some help with my name, and he came up with TimeSavers. I expanded it to TimeSavers Virtual Solutions, mainly because that domain name was available. Does it sound ok, and does anyone have any ideas for a tagline to go with it?

Thanks for any help.


Denyse Giguere

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Hi Crystal,
I like your name. I'm still in the process of deciding on my name, so I don't think I'd be much help, but I think your name really fits.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear more from you.


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Hi Crystal - Congratulations on coming up with a great name, I really like it. It's original and it will grab people's attention.

Good luck!



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I also like your name. It says a lot about what you'll do for your clients: Save them time. I'm still in the process of choosing the name for my business and oh, boy!! It's not easy! I got good feedback from others VAs in this forum and I'm getting there.

Good luck!!


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Hi Crystal,
I think that is a fantastic name. It is specific and interesting. I wish I had thought of a name like that. I am still not 100% convinced on my business name. :mad2:
Good Luck!
Hi Marlene,

Does Timeline reflect the brand you want to project throughout your business ownership? Are you considering it just because it's "catchy" or because it represents you and connects with your brand identity?

I inquire because I just gave a presentation on Branding yesterday to a group, and I realized that people really don't understand the concept and process of creating a brand identity and promise -- which actually is a very involved process that goes to the core of your personal and business life. These factors include:

  • positioning and performance
  • benefits
  • traits/values/personality
  • relationship of trust
  • segmentation, differentiation and added value
  • your brand story
  • association
  • customer perception vs reality
  • the creation of a tag line

I suggest you think about these topics as they can help you come up with your true brand promise and identity -- which in turn will aid in developing your company name and brand that resonates for years to come.

I hope this helps. PM me if you have any questions.


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I like it a lot. It describes what you do and is very catchy. My husband came up with my name, too! LOL:thumbsup:


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Hi Crystal!
I think it's a GREAT name....I love "Timesavers"~ I just picked my name also....and out of ALL of the words I thought of ..."timesavers" never came to me! You should grab it right away!!!! Choosing a name that's still available is not easy;) It's perfect and to the point. Good luck!