What are your top 3 ways for finding new clients?

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Hi Sonja,

Liz may not see your question here on a post about how to find clients.

I would private message her through this site by clicking on her business name where it will give you the option to send a private message.

You can also email her directly through her site with the email address she offers.

I just wanted to make sure you got your answer to your question.




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Hi Sonja!

It's so funny that you wrote to me. I was actually looking at your website the other day as well. :) Thanks a ton for the kind words.

I used a Wordpress Theme called, "Interface Pro." There is a free and paid version. I think I ended up with the paid version for some reason but I can't remember why. The free version was probably lacking customization.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with WP, but I found it fairly easy to set up after I went through the documentation.

I hope that helps!


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P.S.- Janine, can you explain what a RFP is? I am lost on that term, and I see it everywhere around the VA forums! I am assuming it is similar to a normal proposal you write for a Client? Thanks so much!
Thanks Liz!

I am in the wee beginning stages. I started building a new site with Wix and the more revelation I receive concerning my business, the more I know I will need a WP theme. Usually I use Wix for smaller projects, but I really feel good that my business is going to have great success once all the pieces come together. I will definitely check out the link you have provided. You rock!

Your Hands of Excellence,
Thanks Janine! You are so helpful and I greatly appreciate you. I tried to private message, but have not posted enough. It didn't occur to me to email her lol! Either way I am glad she responded, I just love the wealth of support through this forum!

Your Hands of Excellence,