Website Designing Facts that are less known

Hina Eni

New Member
If you want to understand what is web designing you should perform some research and see the website designs of the past designers.You should also understand the backend procedure as well.Every developer performs different coding and has different way of web programming.just because of this reason every designer's website will load accordingly.

Here are some of the website designing Dubai facts that are less known.

The browser loads every website differently:

Have you ever notice that every browser take different time to load the same website? for instance, if you are opening a website on google chrome its load quickly but when you are trying to open the website on safari or windows explorer it consumes more time to load.The reason behind is coding.browser reads the code before opening the website and every coder codes according to their way of doing.If you are professional web designer and developer you should definitely know this issue and resolve it through HTML and CSS.

Website code attracts Google

If your website code is simple and easy then it will attract all the search engines including google, bing, yahoo and as a result, you will see that your keywords are ranking on the top of the search engines in the short period of time.

Website Design Attracts the user:

According to the random survey, your visitors on the website will increase if you have an attractive and HD website designs and images.Your website is like a sitting duck if your website design is boring and dull.