VACOC - Any thoughts on the VACOC? (Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce)

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Rebecka Melson

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I'm not clear as to exactly what you get for $495/year that is so much more beneficial to me and my business that I can't get elsewhere for free.

Anyone care to enlighten me?

Obviously networking with other VA's is very beneficial, but I think your money would be better spent joining a networking group where you might actually have potential clients, like BNI, your local Chamber of Commerce or even an online group.


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:yikes:Essays, fees, rigid rules and regulations ~ NO THANKS!

I'll stick to this informative, friendly and free forum. :happydance:

Let's give Tess A HUGE applause everyone for keeping this forum free for its members! So much work goes in to managing this site (I can only imagine)! :applause: It's unfortunate that VACOC has changed and its rules are rigid. This is a prime example of how a bad word can go a long way.

Most chambers, if not all, charge for their membership so charging is not uncommon; however I pay only $150 per year, plus my chamber has been around for over 30 years and is well established.

VA Johnson

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Hello... I joined in 2006 and there was not an essay to submit.. I did not stay active in that community because of some personal issues - not with the forum.. My account is now inactive.. It is an excellent site to join if given the chance. I am trying to reinstate my membership there - hope they approve it.
I am a member of VACOC and found the joining process more thought provoking than anything. I do find their resources very helpful and there always seems to be more to read. I am a member of various forums and the reason I am is because each one has a different group of people and I enjoy them all so much. I like variety and besides -it's not competition because there are more than enough VAs to go round!


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Well, it seems that to clarify all of the confusion out there, Danielle has posted this article.

There is now a membership fee for the organization in a bid to rid them of "the users who didn't value or respect what was being handed to them on a silver platter" and "the dabblers who will probably never go anywhere in their business........WOW!!!:eek:

I love this forum - everyone is involved, welcoming and supportive of everyone on here. Everyone is equal and noone here judges (unless you ask them to :gigglebox:


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VA Chamber of Commerce site

I am not sure where to post this question so I am putting it here. While looking for online VA resources I came upon the Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce website. It looked interesting but right now out of my league. Membership is free but there are personal requirements including a completed website (not under construction like mine). It looks like a good site and I did a forum search but didn't find anything. I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with this website and thoughts.
thanks, diana


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Raquel, I think you need to evaluate the membership and the community for yourself.

I think some people are put off by the governing personality at VACOC, and others find it refreshing - it's really a personal perspective, I think. You can get a good feeling of what the issue (if any) is about by reading the blogs by the VACOC owner - or I did anyways.

I am a part of several forums and associations - and choose to be more active in one or two because the community and atmosphere is most comfortable to me. I browse the others, but as a lurker more than anything.


I applied as a member of their forum last month and didn't get accepted. Actually, I was put off by what they said that a VA must do work solely on admin tasks... that it doesn't mean your doing work virtually that you should call yourself as a VA. Well, I believe the VA industry has expanded already. No offense to those who love admin work (I know that at some point we do this stuff ourselves on our own business and I did this at some point too) but I feel that we shouldn't limit ourselves to it.

I also agree that it's quite rude for them not sending an email about rejecting your application.

Anyways, it's okay I've got this and the social networking site of VAClassroom to keep me occupied!

On My Wings

I had been kinda back and forth about VAVOC. I found somethings useful and others - not quite so useful - especially in the products area. I do find that the governing individual can be a little harsh in her posts and that is something that I do wish was a little different because I think the person is well meaning but it can be off putting.

The thing now though is that there is a change in that VAVOC is now the Administrative Consultant's Association. I'm not sure I can wrap my head around that one totally - although I did sit on the idea for a few days. I just feel that Administrative Support Consultant just doesn't fit - but she is making an effort to change the terminology for our industry. She states - and I'm paraphrasing so hope I get it exactly right - that the term Virtual Assistant is becoming something that is not respected. That was the jist of what I got.


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There's been quite a discussion at LinkedIn about the Virtual Assistant title. The general consensus is we're not about to change our title - it is an industry title. Yes, some have hopped on the bandwagon and used it but it's an education process by us all to let our clients know who we are and what we do. If we changed the industry name we'd have to re-educate all those who do know what we are. Personally I'm happy with the title and keeping it.

Re VACOC - I've never been involved with them.


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Hello Forum:

The owner of the VACOC has mind set that a Virtual Assistant is another word for Secretary and we're much more. the word Virtual have several meaning ( having the essence or effect but not the appearance or form of, i.e a virtual revolution). Assistant, it could be noun or an adjective, and it has several meaning also (a person who assists or gives aid and support; helper. ) Both definitions were taken from website.

Nowhere in the descriptions of the two words, did I encounter the word Secretary. We as Virtual Assistant are much more that Secretaries. We are Assistant's that have a background in Accounting, Web Designing, Copy writing, Office preparedness, researching, investigating, etc. We have gone virtual and have given the appearance that we are in a traditional office setting.

I have visited her site, and if you're a newbie starting in this business you will be disappointed and think this isn't for me. I just want everyone in this forum to know that's just one person outlook on this industry and it doesn't mean it is so. Do your research and you'll find your answers. Good Luck to You All.:applause:


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Actually the first person known to be called a Virtual Assistant was Stacey Brice by a client of hers who was distant/remote from her. He called her his own Virtual Assistant and it took off from there. I believe that was in the early 90s. Stacey is from and I believe the client was Thomas Leonard who founded Coachville.

In the early days homebased secretaries were the ones who became Virtual Assistants (I was one of them in 1994) but the industry has evolved, just as the internet and technology has. We have grown beyond being 'home-based secretaries' to something much more because technology allows us to offer so much more.

With respect to the meaning, that's a great way to put it.


^^I couldn't agree more with what you have said. The Internet is ever changing and we as virtual assistants must learn to keep up with the change.. if not we'll be left far behind.
Just to add some history on the progression of use of the term virtual assistant, after Stacy launched her training program, and others jumped on the bandwagon, the term virtual assistant began picking up steam in the late 1990s and VA associations/groups formed.

Our problem, however, was that when we talked with prospective clients they didn't understand how we could support them from our home offices. In 2003, the then established VA associations and individual VAs, under the auspices of the Alliance for Virtual Businesses, banned together and initiated a unified worldwide publicity campaign to educate businesses about exactly who we were and what we do -- and that was the spark that ignited worldwide acceptance of the term virtual assistant and what we do.

It's been 10 years since the initial efforts to promote and push this industry into the mainstream, and have us accepted as vital contributors to the development and growth of businesses. I strongly urge everyone to continue using the term virtual assistant, because frankly, it would take another 10+ years for something else to catch on -- but more important, it is an accurate description of our industry.

As stated before, as must change with the times -- but that doesn't mean change who we are or the term we use to describe our industry.
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