Social Media Graphics


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I am looking for an easy to use tool for creating great looking social media images. What tools do you like to use and why?
Hello Suzanna,

Canva is actually a nice option to try. You can select the kind of image you want to create (for social media, blog post, Facebook banner, etc). It's super easy to use. You can use their pre-loaded graphics or upload your own. Some of their pre-loaded graphics are free, others are typically a $1.

I actually tend to create my own images in Photoshop... but when I am in a pinch and want to save some time.. I go to Canva. It does the trick. Hope this helps!


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I love Canva, too. I use that site and PicMonkey the most for creating social media images. Both sites are really easy to use.


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When Canva first came onto the scene they sent me beta access to try it out - it was pretty darn cool!

I am old school though so I still use Photoshop and Fireworks ;)


Picmonkey is something I used to use when I wanted to be lazy. But I typically made/modify my own images in Gimp. That's basically just a free and dumbed down version of Photoshop. :)


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Thanks ladies. Another one I discovered recently is Adobe Spark. I use Photoshop too but creating pictures manually can really increase the cost of a post, so I am trying to do it in moderation. :)


I also would like to know more about this tool. Don't hesitate to update me further.
Piktochart is a cloud graphics design software that allows you to create professional-looking infographics fast. You can use it to make posters, presentations, and reports for your blog, website and social network.

You can quickly edit for digital or online use using iStock Editor. You can crop, resize, add text, upload logos and apply filters to your creative photos all for free.