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My niche is in the field of dentistry in which it requires me to work remotely with dental practices schedules. Can anyone recommend a could software and/or program that will allow me to access another individual's computer securely?


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There are several choices that you have. If they are Windows based you can use the Remote Access app that comes installed on all Windows programs. LogMeIn is also a great one. Cirtrix is great too however it's installation is not as simple as the other two. I would also ask them if they have an IT person who could recommend an option for their set-up.

Just keep in mind that while you are on their computer, they cannot be using it.
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I know of a couple of options:
1. The one that Patty & Lee mentioned, RDP (remote desktop protocol) that comes with Windows, you log in and take control of their pc, then cannot see anything on the screen except for the ctrl-alt-del lock.
2.VNC where you log onto their pc and they can see everything you are doing
3. Team Viewer, here they can also see what you are doing.

As Lee suggested, I would find out from their IT provider what remote access they already have set up on the network


I highly recommend TeamViewer. There's a free full version available which you need to download on your computer and on the other computer you need to access. Once it's set-up, all you need is the their access code and password for you to be able to sign in and access the other computer remotely. Just take note that the password changes if the pc reboots. I think there's an option for it not to change but I haven't checked on it yet. Anyway, even if the pc is on sleep mode, you can still access it as long as it's on and it's connected to the internet.

I use this on my client's pc whenever I need to check something via Paypal. As I cannot log in to his account on my end.. IP issues and it will deactivate his account for security purposes made by Paypal.

Hope I helped. :)

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Ok great, thanks for the advice. I will definitely look into all of those options so that I'm to utilize the best option for my clients.


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need recommendations for a universal remote control.
will need to control AV equipment which is in another room.( no line of sight)
AV gear rca universal remote codes
Denon AVR-X 4700H
OPPO BDP 103 Blue ray player Player
Amazon fire stick
Apple TV
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