Market Analysis-Business Plan

Hey there everyone.

I am working on my business plan and I've come to the Market Analysis area. Now is the time that I need to define my target market and I wanted to get another opinion on what I've decided.

I plan to market my services to individuals, solopreneurs (or IP's) and small businesses with <15 employees.

Are these three groups too broad? :confusion: I feel like I've defined my areas of interest pretty well, but a second look always makes me feel more certain in my decisions.

Thanks in advance for any input. :grouphug:


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Do you have any industry or business fields you would prefer to work in? Or any that you don't want to work in? I will pass on real estate because I don't have any experience and there are other VAs in my state who do specialize.
Thanks for the reply clemrick... Honestly, I really don't have any industries that I wouldn't want to work in. I plan to simply let my clients know where my experience lies and let them make the decision of whether to work with me or not. I think having a VA business is a great way to get some experience/knowledge in various industries.