I think I have my niche!

I've decided that since Medical Services is where I've been working for the past 16 years, that is where I should stay. So, Medical Services it will be.

I would love to hear from others that also either specialize in Medical Services or who have done VA work for a medical professional.



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I think it is a great niche. Never considered it, I like to stick where I have experience or some sort of working knowledge but if you have experience there, by all means, go for it!


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Hi Tina!
I would tend to agree with you that what you enjoy and know would be a great direction to focus your niche! Congratulations on yet another step forward in the startup phase :)

Our company works with medical organizations, providing transcription and data coding services. These services are highly needed, but frankly, unless you have a wealth of experience and great track record (which I'm sure you do), the medical industry does not traditionally want to pay for the value provided. I recommend that you position and brand yourself based on those many years of experience you have in the industry -- and price your services accordingly.

Good luck!


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Hi Tina - I posted in another thread about this particular niche and HIPAA laws. You may need to be certified or trained in the privacy laws to work with this niche.

I'm sure there are plenty of other activities that a VA with your background would also be great at. Look for alternative health coaches and others who might need someone with your knowledge to edit their work or even ghost write for them.

Hope this helps.

- Kate
Wow I am glad to see this post because I have been in the medical administrative field for 20 years and have decided that is my niche also. I am in Charlotte, NC. There are many services that can be offered. Lets talk if you want.


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I agree it sounds like a good match for you, but look into HIPPA regs. If you do get certified, that can help you get a better price for your services.