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Hi all. I'm new here. My VA business is still very young, but it is failing miserably. I need some help.

I'm not getting many bites from my website or social media. The bites I am getting are not working out. Either they don't contact me back, or they have a job for me that is something they need to hire a full time employee for. That seems to be the biggest problem.

I had a woman contact me the other day saying she needed assistance with customer support for her small business. I got excited, because that's something I offer. It's all email based, etc. Great!

Upon asking more questions, what she actually needs is a full time inventory control person or a drop shipper. She doesn't need a virtual assistant. She wants me to actually store inventory (and it is food) at my home, respond to orders, pull and ship the orders, and then contact the customers to let them know the order shipped. I emailed her back saying I would be willing to come in for a few hours a day to do this for her at her location (she's local), but that I didn't have the space to store her inventory. I didn't tell her that I don't have time to run a full time position for her company because I am trying to pull in multiple clients at once for short term jobs or jobs companies need done that don't take large portions of the day and therefore don't require a new hire. Her business is successful enough that I'd need to store a lot of inventory and a large portion of my day would be dedicated to her. (I would be willing to take a job with her if she hired me as a full time employee directly, because either way, she'd be halting my business)

It seems people are not reading what I offer on my website or reading the posts on my social media, and they are gravely misunderstanding what a virtual assistant does.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I was hoping that by now (I started in February) I would have had a client or two under my belt. And my website offers a list of things I offer. My social media shows an obvious lean toward computer work like social media and bookkeeping, etc. I hate turning people down, but if they need a full time employee, they need to hire me as one and say so.

Does anyone have any advice on fixing this situation, or suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!


Hi Erin, take heart, many of us have been in your shoes :)

If potential clients are making it to your site and contacting you, but they are a less than ideal client, then there’s a problem with your message.
Look at your website and have 3 colleagues look at your website and write down:

What does your website say about you?

Can you tell in five seconds or less what is the purpose of the website?

Does the logo or banner reflect accurately what you do?

Is it accurately reflecting your services, your skills, YOU?

What impression are you trying to make?

Is it easy to navigate?

All too often, the impression you think you’re giving is different than the reality.

For example, you may think the big picture of the pretty building is totally sufficient and is supposed to convey that you are a “businesswoman” who owns her own business, but when I visit the site, I see a building.

For YEARS my website and domain name were Coast2Coast Business Support Solutions (that's still the legal name) but time and time again I had people tell me they thought I was a multi-VA business (nope, always been a solo), that I provided call center services (because it sounded like I was nationwide), and finally when someone said I sounded like the name was a moving company did I decide to change it to my name -

So check out your site and see where you can change it up to accurately reflect your message. It's not up to the client to have to figure it out after reading all your pages, you need to make a positive and accurate impact within 5 SECONDS.

Here's something else you can try if you find people are calling out of the blue - remove your phone number and instead have them either read something prior to contacting you or fill out a form that's designed to 1) educate them about your services and 2) give you details up front about what exactly they need so that you can tell right away if they are a fit or not.

Keep us updated Erin!
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Hi Erin --

I'm intrigued by your question and hope to offer some useful insight to help you address it.

BTW, saying your new business is 'floundering' is a better word than 'failing' . . . the subconscious mind picks up a LOT from our language so it's helpful to be mindful of how what we say and how we feel are intimately connected. Just saying . . . '-)

I recently contracted with a VA / VOM (Virtual Operations Manager) . . . because of one term / phrase: "Membership sites". I was seeking someone with experience / expertise in a very specific area. That was it. She also had another term / phrase under her 'Skills': "Coding".

Both these terms were picked up on by me because they were highly relevant to the project I needed help to complete.

Suggestion: Think of what you 1) do well, and 2) love to do . . . Next, ask what kinds of skills or projects does that suggest would be 'ideal' for you? Got that? Good.

Now see if you can create a service 'package' . . . a bundle of expertise and services that produces a specific outcome e.g. the "Coding to Fix Broken Membership Sites" package.

Trust me, if someone has a 'broken membership site' and needs help repairing it . . . they'll see you as an expert . . . simply because you have a program or package named / designed to do that for your clients.

I'm sharing a free guide for you on How To Create a Package To Sell Your Services . . . it's got a great story and 2 pages of worksheets to help you put it all together. Hope you find this helpful.