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    Resource Important Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

    A Virtual Assistant is a professional who works from a remote location and provides different services to Entrepreneurs or Managers. The Virtual PA will have access to the company’s data and essential tools to perform their jobs perfectly from the comfort of their homes.
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    How Does a Virtual Assistant Help in Your Business?

    Owning a small company, you may think that recruiting an HR Manager or developing an HR department is just not required. They do the hiring and firing job that you can best do for your company and thereby save a bit of money. From maintaining the employment law to carrying out a transparent...
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    Resource Work of a Professional Virtual HR Manager

    It is immensely important to generate a consistent revenue stream, develop new and impactful strategies and keep track of the market’s pulse to beat the market competition. A Virtual HR Manager can handle a team of skilled and dedicated professionals who provide you with an apt professional...
  4. HannahCollins

    Announcement An Efficient Virtual Assistant Service | Virtual PA New York

    At Virtual PA New York, we will provide you with a dedicated Personal Assistant who will work from a minimum of 2 hours – 8 hours per day, ensuring they meet all of your requirements. Our customers can select their dedicated Personal Assistant by going through our well-designed hiring process...
  5. M

    I am working as a social media virtual assistant i am new here

    I am working as a social media virtual assistant i am new here.I am looking for a big va company to do work with them
  6. HannahCollins

    Virtual Personal Assistant

    How Can A Virtual Personal Assistant Be of Great Help? Read the full article about virtual personal assistants.
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    Announcement Full-Time Dedicated Assistants Monthly for $669 USD

    Virtual Assistant services offered for Business and Personal tasks or processes. Full-Time assistants at $669 USD valid for 28 days, subscription. Assistants will be allotted an 8 hours shift, for 5 days a week. In total 160 hours of service for Just $669 USD. Interest visit
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    Advantages of Virtual HR

    If you are one of those from a small organization or a start-up, there are a wide range of benefits attached with Virtual HR Managers. These are the following advantages: Cost-Effective Virtually Available Vast Knowledge Use Latest Technology
  9. J

    Need a VA

    Hi all, I'm looking for a VA for a new project I'm working on. I'm looking for a VA who has experience with the bare basics of forex trading, even knowing and seeing support and resistance is good enough. If you are a VA and have a bit of knowledge hit me up! Got an interesting project to start...
  10. M

    Virtual Assistant Needed

    I need a Virtual Assistant $7-$10/hr Message me if interested for more info about the job [email protected]
  11. HannahCollins

    Importance of Virtual Assistant

    To enhance your productivity and attain the required growth, you should allocate adequate hours for managing your activities that directly contribute to your organization’s bottom line. Availability of limited work hours per day makes the time a valuable component. A Virtual Personal Assistant...
  12. Y

    Video From Virtual Assistant To Being A Full-Time Affiliate Marketer (Real Estate Niche)

    Hey fellow VA's, new member here. Been lurking and learning for a while now and I just love this forum! I've been a VA in the real estate industry for 6 years now, and it's really frustrating when it comes to hunting clients and actually delivering these services. Till now... Found this...
  13. J

    How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

    A good question to answer! My experience is quite good with Pentacle Tech Solutions, a premium provider of virtual assistant services in Dallas. The company promises the best facilities at a great price. I have hired quite a few medical assistants for my institution and they have been doing a...
  14. J

    Is there any company offering Local SEO service in the USA?

    In fact there are many companies in the USA that offer local SEO services. I came across many while finding one a few months ago. However, I am thankful to my friend who took me to Pentacle Tech, a renowned digital marketing agency in the United States. I am proud of my decision to be a client...
  15. J

    What is Being a Medical Assistant Like?

    I believe I have a great answer to this question. Just because I am working successfully as a medical virtual assistant for a couple of years now, I can say that the task is very satisfying. I have been working for a top medical institution in the USA with multiple branches all over; I must say...
  16. J

    What companies offer virtual assistants?

    Well, a tough question to answer for others, but I find it rather easy as I believe I have the best answer for you. I was also trying to find answers for a similar question around six months ago when I was searching for the most efficient virtual assistants. While searching extensively, I...
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    Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well! Sharing with you a blog post from Filipino Virtual Assistance. You might find it useful! :) When COVID-19 affected not just the Philippines but also the whole world , many businesses were closing, which is the reason why a lot of people lost their...
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    Working at Home in your Pajamas is the Key to Happiness

    Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well! Sharing with you a blog post from Filipino Virtual Assistance. You might find it useful! :) ***** Do you believe that working from home, on your pajamas, is the key to happiness? According to a study from Owl Labs, the company behind one of the most...
  19. J

    Seeking Advice: Building Wealth-building Partnership w/ VA

    Hello everyone! My name is Julius and I'm a graduate student studying International Trade and National Security Studies. I'm also trying to find ways to get supplemental income to support my wife and I as I finish grad school. Thus, I was wondering if anyone has any experience using virtual...
  20. A

    New to the forum...

    Hi! My name is Andreé and my company is Ultimate VA Solutions. I’m new to the forum and hoping to connect and network with other VA’s, share tips, tricks, stories, and advice...that kind of thing. Being a VA is really somewhat isolating. Of course that’s one of the things I love about it, being...