niche market

  1. J

    Should you have Target Market or not?

    I have done some research and taken some VA classes as I am starting up as a VA. Most of the classes recommend having a target market. I get that it makes sense to focus your business and become an expert to a specific market, but my question is, do you recommend starting a target market right...
  2. Sylvana

    Approaching your Target Market

    Hi fellow VA's, I'm looking for feedback/opinions on how to approach your target market (the wine industry) - both off and online. I've been working with my target market since January 2015 but just with one client. I approached this client through an email about their product and offered...
  3. Stella

    Question Developing My Services

    Good Afternoon from the Green Mountain State of VT! Seeing as though I am in the beginning stages of developing my business, I was seeking some feedback in regards to the services I am planning on providing. Given I have 12 years experience in the field of Human Resources prior to leaving my...
  4. D

    Market Analysis-Business Plan

    Hey there everyone. I am working on my business plan and I've come to the Market Analysis area. Now is the time that I need to define my target market and I wanted to get another opinion on what I've decided. I plan to market my services to individuals, solopreneurs (or IP's) and small...
  5. JanieWilson

    Hello from the Volunteer State of TN!

    Although I've been a member here for a few years, it's only now that I'm developing a "focus" and a "niche". :think: I came into virtual assistance from the sales and marketing arena, went through some training at VAU (no longer in existence) and am "starting over". I'm not dead sure about my...
  6. mzwizard

    What to call what I do?

    Hi Ladies...been reading with great interest all the posts about niches and social media...and the amazing offerings of the companies here! My thing is SETUP (and basic maintenance TO the setup as opposed to the actual media management): Blogs - Wordpress, Blogger, soon TypePad Facebook Fan...
  7. C

    No niche to start out??

    I officially launched my VA business last month and I've been struggling with finding a niche. I don't really have a specific industry target right now. My client target would be small business owners and entrepreneurs, but I don't know what field... Is it ok to not have a niche as I'm just...
  8. T

    Using Tweetbeep to Follow Your Niche <----- a great suggestion for how to get more out of Twitter and follow who's tweeting in your niche market!