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  1. tenny7395

    Hi Folks

    Hi Guys, This Is Tenny Wilson ... I am new to this forum
  2. V

    Hello from a Dane in Thailand

    Hi everyone, I am so excited to be part of this community! I've just launched my VA business ( / twitter @vrhwoman) and hope to help a lot of amazing women out there. I am based in Northern Thailand at the moment... Look forward to sharing and connecting...
  3. J

    New here, fresh out of Corporate world!

    Hi all, A quick introduction, with more detail on me to follow. I've recently left the corporate world where I have specialized in marketing, communications and event management. I'm excited to be following my entrepreneurial instinct and am about to launch my own business. Website, brand...
  4. TaskStar

    Hello from TaskStar!

    Hello- My name is Kate and I am working on building my business as a Virtual Assistant. The name of my VA business is going to be TaskStar. I know that being a VA is going to be a lot of work but I am excited to get started! I look forward to getting to know everyone better and discovering...
  5. winemermaid

    New Member looking for friends and conversation!

    Hello! My name is Alexandria and I am a stay at home mother of a almost 3 year old beautiful little girl! I've been looking all over the internet for a nice, stay at home job and ran across this whole "virtual assistant" thing and thought I might want to give it a try (seeing as I have have done...
  6. RosewayRenee

    New Member

    Hello All! I've been watching and reading for a couple of weeks, and just realized I haven't introduced myself yet! My name is Renée, and I’ve been working as a part-time VA for some time but only decided to make it official this January. I’m a former teacher, and a writer, and this work...
  7. E

    New Member

    Hello Everyone, just registered today. Love the site and I can already tell I am going to make many friends. I am located in Northern California, Petaluma to be exact. I currently work with QuickBooks and have only a few clients. Anyone else out there using QB as a VA? Emily
  8. AmeliaEVS

    Hello from Sunny South Florida

    Thank you for inviting to your group. Hello my name is Amelia, I've been visiting your site for a few months now and I like what I see (read). Although I've just officially started my Virtual Services business, I have been researching this industry for quiet some time. I currently have...
  9. K

    New Member Saying Hello

    Hello fellow VA's! My name is Kendra, and I've been performing VA and bookkeeping services for the past several years. I enjoy working as a VA and am very excited to find this forum. I am currently trying to build my new client intake packet. Any suggestions or input would be greatly...