1. M


    Hello, I'm Mark Smith from Virginia. I'm a student of CS at a college near my society...Recently joined a company IAMTECH CORP. and their's services in IT field is very comfortable and reliable...So, I am here to join your community...Glad to see a warm Welcome...
  2. marksmith


    Hello everyone...It's me Mark Smith from new york currently studying in a college near my home just to join this website to make a community with you...Recently I join a company LOGO ORBIT and working there as a marketing agent...hope you guys like my introduction. Glad to see a warm welcome...
  3. mariaporter121


    Hello, all this is Maria. I'm glad to be part of this community, hope to discover and share some interesting discussions
  4. C

    Hello everyone!

    :thumbsup: I just got my job last December at Laptop Runner and my boss was the one who told about this forum and he said should try to join. It's really my first time to join a forum (I just lurk on some forums though) so I'm still learning how this works. Hope you guys could help me.
  5. R

    Newbie from Dallas, TX

    Like so many of you before me, I am trying to launch a VA biz. I am not exactly inexperienced, as I have handled a few projects. However, now I want to make it a regular part of my income stream. What other hats have I worn/wear? Newspaper editor, Executive Assistant, Grant Writer and Legal...
  6. A

    New VA from PA

    Hello everyone! I'm Ally from PA and I'm a SAHM to a 6 month old little boy! I've done some work with wedding professionals in my area and would love to focus on that full time. Ideally I'd like my niche to be networking and database work, but I'm willing to do pretty much anything to start...