1. A

    New to the forum...

    Hi! My name is Andreé and my company is Ultimate VA Solutions. I’m new to the forum and hoping to connect and network with other VA’s, share tips, tricks, stories, and advice...that kind of thing. Being a VA is really somewhat isolating. Of course that’s one of the things I love about it, being...
  2. F

    Question Thinking of taking the leap, not sure where to start

    I'm currently employed full time with cushy benefits and a regular paycheck, but hate my (work) life and have to force myself out of bed each morning to go to work and deal with my evil boss. I've been considering going virtual for a long time, and will be receiving a large-ish chunk of money...
  3. J

    VA consulting business up for sale!

    Hi all, Looking for an experienced VA to take over my VA consulting business, as I'm venturing out of the VA world and into another field. The consulting business has current clients who need advice on being a VA. It's a great opportunity for an established VA looking for a side business to...
  4. J

    Should you have Target Market or not?

    I have done some research and taken some VA classes as I am starting up as a VA. Most of the classes recommend having a target market. I get that it makes sense to focus your business and become an expert to a specific market, but my question is, do you recommend starting a target market right...
  5. Alisa

    Question Marketing strategies and landing clients

    Hello :seeya:, Would anyone like to share their stories on how they landed their first clients? I'm very new to this business and I am quite nervous. I am also interested in hearing any marketing strategies you have found to be useful. Thanks!
  6. dailyva

    Too expensive?

    Hi there! New VA here, and just wondering if my rates are too expensive and perhaps scaring off clients. I am still in the learning phase, and of course marketing phase of my business. Here is my website: If there is anything else maybe, I am missing feel free to...
  7. Alison

    Services for services?

    A prospect has asked me if I will consider trading services for services instead of invoicing each other. He is a marketing consultant and has offered me marketing advice in return for 5 or 6 hours per month of VA work. Would you do it? Any advice would be helpful.
  8. T

    Newbie Looking for Advice

    Hello Everyone, My name is Tina and I've recently started the ball rolling on my VA business. I'm really not sure how this is suppose to work so I'm looking for advice from folks who have already been in the business a while. I kind of fell into this. I've been utilizing my skills to customize...
  9. karenrayner

    billing rates

    Hello everyone, Im very excited because iv got my first client which is really cool but now im getting in a flap about how much to charge them. they want me to type 28 days worth of different menues with breakfast lunch dinner and supper on them and put some design on it which is quite...
  10. KAElliott

    Really New on Long Island- am I in the right place?

    Not the post, but that too. I was up really late last night browsing the forums and I am overwhelmed with questions. The majority of questions I know I can answer myself with research, but I will ask the question and give background and maybe I can get some perspective. Firstly, I'd like to...