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  1. moretime_cassi

    Virtual Quickbooks Training

    I also suggest - it is the best remote desktop sharing solution I have found so far!
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    Accounts Payable

    (My first post back on the forums in a long time!) Clients emailing bills tends to be easiest for me. Depending on the trust level with your client, you can become a "signer" on their bank account and print and mail checks yourself. Another option is that many vendors will take credit card...
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service I read and understood the new terms.
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    Postcard Design for Clients

    Thank you, Mary - that is very good advice!
  5. moretime_cassi

    Postcard Design for Clients

    Thanks, Tamika. I'm planning to charge by the hour for the project, but my client is asking for a time estimate to help her budget the price... not the easiest thing to come up with!
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    Postcard Design for Clients

    I haven't been around much lately (too many things going on - I should go post some exciting news, actually!), but it's hard for me to believe that no one else designs postcards! Pout. I guess I'll have to figure this one out on my own!
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    Postcard Design for Clients

    My client is interested in utilizing my design services - :happydance: I didn't keep track of how long it took me to design my own company postcards (not to mention it probably took longer because it was for MY company so it had to be even more perfect!) How much time would you quote for...
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    Bookkeeping Question!

    Houston, we have a client! :happydance: (I wish I had the time to post that somewhere more exciting! One of these days I'll find time to become active on this board again - I miss it! Just too many things going on...) I'm still trying to brush up on my understandings of Accounting and...
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    Marketing via forums

    I really like this idea as well. My niche is contractors, landscapers, masons, etc. I had looked into a forum or two but I haven't been able to find one yet that would ALLOW me to put a link to my website in my signature line. This thread gives me hope that such forums DO exist out there...
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    Do you have Terms & Conditions on your website?

    Thanks to everyone for your input. I believe the SCORE rep felt that a prospective client of a small job would feel that it wouldn't be worth his/her time to read a three page agreement and that they wouldn't sign anything they haven't read. Kimberly: I feel that way too, that my agreement...
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    Do you have Terms & Conditions on your website?

    I met with a SCORE representative the other day and he suggested putting our terms and conditions on the website so our agreement could be pared down and reference the "Terms and Conditions." Does anyone do something similar to this? I don't want to have an agreement that scares off clients...
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    Networking, the time has come...

    Networking can be scary! I need to follow your lead and just get out there and do it! I hope everything is going great right now and I look forward to hearing all about it!
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    Be proactive!

    Way to go! Yes, follow up is very important. Unfortunately, I think it is one of the easiest things to let slip by! :rolly:
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    More Duct Tape for FREE! :)

    What did everyone think of the Webinar last night? (I wasn't able to jump into the chat room afterward, I had to hurry off to get stood up at a SCORE meeting)... :-(
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    LinkedIn Questions

    Thanks for all of your help, ladies. I've started to get the hang of it and now have 1 connection and a few more on the horizon. Thanks for the offer, DeAnna, but I'm going to stick to people I know IRL.
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    LinkedIn Questions

    I tried uploading my Yahoo contact list and now it looks like it wants to email everyone and ask them to connect. Is this the path I want to be on? It sounds like a hassle to me. Is there something else I should be doing instead?
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    LinkedIn Questions

    I did a search on LinkedIn to see who I could possibly connect to from my past jobs and I found a few people, but they are all set to private, so I can't even see who they are. One or two even had my department listed. Is there a way that I can find out who these people are and get in touch...
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    Linked In group for Virtual Assistants

    Re: Linked In group for VAs I just submitted a request as well! Learning more about Linked In is one of those things on my to-do list!
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    Dial Dictate?

    Thanks. That's the company that created the software. It seems to me that they might have a biased opinion of it. :rolly: It's not looking too good that I can't find much information about it anywhere else...
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    More Duct Tape for FREE! :)

    Thanks for telling us about this! I think I might have to leave the JOB early that day! :thumbsup: