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  1. MariaFatima01

    Communicating with clients

    Hello! As a Freelancer, I've been using Skype for 5 years now when communicating with our clients without a problem.
  2. MariaFatima01

    Whats Is the best platform to use as a beginner?

    Both my sister and I are Freelancers. We are both new to Freelancing. She got her first client on Upwork and she's been working for that client for almost 5 months now, so far she's doing great, and even got her hourly rate increased. Though it is not her first job since we both quit our regular...
  3. MariaFatima01

    Article Does Age Matter When Applying for a Virtual Assistant Job?

    I agree. As long as you have the knowledge to be a good Virtual Assistant. I am also just starting my career in Freelancing and I hope to find a VA job once I am done with my training.
  4. MariaFatima01

    How to design a logo

    I just my Freelancing career. I used Canva to make my very own business branding logo as well as in creating my Freelancing website.