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    Paypal as Bank Account

    I've been with paypal a long time, just recently got paypal here, and a debit card from them for the business, I was wondering if anyone might have any thoughts regarding using paypal as the primary bank account for a business as opposed to transferring money to a bank account. Skip the middle...
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    Website Feedback

    Hello all! I was wondering if you all might be willing to give me a little feedback on my website? -Logo? -Look / Feel? -Easy to Navigate? -Cluttered? -Too much information? All criticism is welcome! Thanks!
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    Startup Information

    I've searched through the Forum, and did a little research online, but I wanted to hear from the pros on this one: (if it's been answered already, I missed it... sorry) What is needed (legally) to start up a business? Should a VA get incorporated? an LLC? Should we have insurance? What...
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    Hello all! Just thought I'd swing by and introduce myself. I've been working freelance for years, had a group of friends that all had specific talents but none of us did what we truly loved as our main profession. So I decided to start up a business where we could all do what we loved! So...