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  1. Yesenia Ortega

    Sample of a Response to an RFP

    I don't attach my resume because I'm not looking to be anyone's employee. I do however send them an email indicating the process that I follow to be able to best help them with link to a customized client questionnaire, which will then be followed by a free consultation call. I use the...
  2. Yesenia Ortega

    Managing your time

    I think sometimes we forget to practice what we preach. We teach others about the importance of hiring help but sometimes we forget we should do the same. The best thing that I did when I started to get overwhelmed with the client work and my own business work was hire two V.A.s for myself. We...
  3. Yesenia Ortega

    Some things better left to a professional

    Hi everyone! One of the challenges that I've run into as a V.A. is alot of times business owners think that they know how to do it all themselves and don't understand the value that someone else can bring to the table. I wrote this article, which as a few examples, that maybe you can find...
  4. Yesenia Ortega

    Your Home Office Set-Up

    Love it! I will try to take a picture of mine soon. I'm in the remodeling phase. I got tired of the same decor. Here's also an article that I wrote about setting up a comfortable home office space...