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  1. Brianna Young

    Page Problem Wordpress

    Hi Bev, There's a line of code that needs to be removed. I'll go in and take care of it for you! Bri
  2. Brianna Young

    wordpress theme looks different in some browsers

    Hey Bev, Designing a site to look relatively the same in all browsers can be difficult. Even the most experienced designers sometimes have trouble. Internet Explorer is particularly a pain. The best way to make adjustments is by changing parts of the CSS code that you think might be the...
  3. Brianna Young

    WordPress Themes

    Hi Bev! Try Scroll down until you see their "Most Popular" posts and you'll find three or four posts with lots of great Wordpress themes. Hope that helps! Bri
  4. Brianna Young

    Linked In group for Virtual Assistants

    The purpose of the group page is simply to reflect VA numbers for the Linked In group. There's nothing that needs to be communicated. The page is for stats only. Anyone who is curious about the website's or LI group's purpose can read the info on the website. Just wanted to clarify!
  5. Brianna Young

    Interview with Brianna Young of Virtual Solutions

    Re: 11/2007 Interview with Brianna Young of Virtual Solutions Yikes! Sorry about my last post. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by my site to take a look. Thanks!
  6. Brianna Young

    Using Wordpress as a site?

    Re: Wordpress as a site Hi Denise, Some cPanels have what is called Fantastico. If you click on Fantastico, you should see options for an automatic installation of Wordpress. If you don't see Fantastico, you'll have to install Wordpress manually. There are instructions for that at...
  7. Brianna Young

    Seo on Wordpress site

    Hi Bev! Google analytics wants the code to be inserted before the /body tag. To find this, go to Design-->Theme Editor and then look for the footer.php file. You should see the /body tag somewhere near the top of that file. If it's not there, try the very end of the main index template file...
  8. Brianna Young

    Seo on Wordpress site

    Hi Bev! You can add meta tags and a meta description to your site by going to Design ---> Theme Editor and then clicking on the header.php file. See this link for info on how to add meta tags. Please note that adding meta tags is only part of SEO. Your content needs to be keyword rich and...
  9. Brianna Young

    Using Wordpress as a site?

    Re: Wordpress as a site Even if you aren't blogging, your Wordpress-based site will have the benefit of Wordpress' built-in SEO. Of course, regular updates to your site will help that. In my opinion, a Wordpress-based site offers far more flexibility and, most likely, better SEO features than...
  10. Brianna Young

    Blog Hacking - How to Stay Safe!

    You actually have to contact Google and ask for what is called a reinclusion. They will only approve a reinclusion if the problem links are gone. The actual "rule" that is violated is Google's policy on hidden links. It's a big no-no and for some crazy reason, that's what these attackers are...
  11. Brianna Young


    Yeah, that can be scary! :) The blog is lovely and has an sort of historical, aged feel to it. She'll definitely need more content in order to monetize it. Have her sign up for a free EntreCard account. She can start earning credits by "dropping" her card and have others advertise on her blog...
  12. Brianna Young

    Blog Hacking - How to Stay Safe!

    Hi all! I've been out-of-pocket for a while, but I've been working in Wordpress quite a bit lately and have lots of info to share! One of my favorite blogs (all about dissecting business names) was recently hacked and I felt compelled to share the story here. The biggest tip off to the...
  13. Brianna Young


    Welcome to the forums! The link you posted isn't working. Monetizing a blog can involve all kinds of options, but Google Adsense is a favorite. You can also sell ads on the site if the traffic is doing well, but that can take some time. There isn't really a "quick and easy" way to monetize a...
  14. Brianna Young

    WordPress 2.6 is out

    I've been dealing with the latest release for two days now, and there are quite a few bugs. If you don't absolutely need the features of the new release, I recommend holding off until they work out the kinks. Some of the issues include not being able to login to your admin area, and big...
  15. Brianna Young

    Integrated Blog is Up Now

    I'm so pleased with how everything turned out! It's heavenly and ethereal, just like your lovely logo! By the way, Laurie's blog is just fantastic reading. I recommend it for anyone interested in assisting attorneys or anyone working in the legal field. :)
  16. Brianna Young

    Blog Makeover

    Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone! :)
  17. Brianna Young

    Blogging basics

    Hi Mike! The best way to do this is to host the blog on your own site. Check out this thread for info on the difference between free blogs and self-hosted blogs. It's about Wordpress, but Blogger is very simliar to Wordpress' free blogging platform, I hope that points you...
  18. Brianna Young

    Needed: free non-searchable blog

    Hi Sundi! I do know that when you setup a Wordpress blog, you have the option to make it searchable or not. My daughter's blog is on Wordpress and I made it non-searchable. It's been about 9 months now, and we haven't had any problems at all. I hope that helps!! Bri
  19. Brianna Young

    Add your raves about Virtual Assistant Forums here!

    The Virtual Assistant Forums are full of generous, bright, and truly refreshing members and volunteers. I can't think of any place I'd rather call my networking home! Brianna Young
  20. Brianna Young

    Blog Makeover

    Aww, thanks Bev! I can't wait to see your site when it's up and running! :)