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  1. Emmeelue84

    Affiliate Question

    Is there a way to get an affiliate link for the store here? I have a ton of people asking me for contracts and things like that to purchase on a regular basis. I am debating whether to just be an affiliate or create some of my own stuff.
  2. Emmeelue84

    Facebook ads

    Could someone explain how the billing is for FB ads? I cant seem to find an exact set up. If I run an ad, are they charging by person that clicks? Is it just a set amount as to where it appears and how many people it is shown to? I’m just a bit confused by it all.
  3. Emmeelue84

    Packaging My Services

    For those that offer packaging rates - what time increments do you use and I'm assuming the lower hours work out to be more per hour than the higher hours correct? I was thinking the following: 5 hour 10 hour 20 hour Should I offer a 40 hour, what about a 15 hour, or should I just say any other...
  4. Emmeelue84

    Change my username

    Is there a way to change my username on here?
  5. Emmeelue84

    Where can I get good HTML training?

    Is there a good HTML course anyone can recommend. I am specifically looking to learn it more extensively for Infusionsoft.
  6. Emmeelue84


    When a potential client is asking for someone with WordPress experience and knowledge, are they simply referring to using the website or is this another skill set I am unfamiliar with? Does anyone know of a class to take on this?
  7. Emmeelue84

    Social Media updates

    Does anyone have a good resource for status updates that are good for boosting our business as Virtual Assistants? I have googled without much success.
  8. Emmeelue84

    Marketing - both local and nationwide

    I am wondering what everyone does to market to people/companies locally and nationally as well. Obviously the steps would be different for local vs. nationally and I am just curious what has worked for most. I have tried randomly emailing companies that I though might be a good fit and I have...
  9. Emmeelue84

    Travel Agency Marketing

    My mom is working for a Travel Agency now, a sort of two woman show type business and they are looking to market and expand. I have shared some ideas based on past clients I have had and my extensive marketing knowledge but since I havent worked with a travel agency before wasnt sure if there...
  10. Emmeelue84

    BNI Events

    Has anyone ever been to a BNI event? My realtor and friend is a member of our local chapter and has invited me to one of their weekly gatherings this coming Thursday. She wants to be able to help me spread the word about my business. My question is, if you have been to one before, what was...
  11. Emmeelue84

    Collecting links on Google

    I have a client that needs me to find the links that mention their event on the first 10 pages of google search. Is there a way to do this without going to each page and clicking the link?
  12. Emmeelue84

    Credit check and collections company

    I am looking for some suggestions on good companies to work with for checking credit on businesses and collections agency all built in one for a small business. One of my clients is needing a company we can check the potential company we are looking to do business with's credit and then they...
  13. Emmeelue84

    Need a template

    Does anyone have an example of what they use either flyer, PDF or the like that you would send to new clients to both let them know who you are as a business as well as what having a VA is all about?
  14. Emmeelue84

    Email Campaigns

    For those who have used these programs which do you prefer and why: Aweber Myemma
  15. Emmeelue84

    Outlook and mailing database

    I hope this is the right forum but I was wondering how do I go about taking a file in Outlook of emails, and creating contacts for all of them with First and Last name, email address, telephone number and mailing address. Is there an easier way to do it than going into each one individually to...
  16. Emmeelue84


    I am looking for a business database for the US. I worked for a company once that had access to exactly what I am looking for but can not seem to find it online. It was an online database that you have access to, can go in and put in the radius based on city and state or zip code in and then...
  17. Emmeelue84

    Search websites

    Do any of you know of any good research websites that are good for finding local companies under specific requirements?
  18. Emmeelue84

    Working with authors

    I hope this is in the right place as I didnt see a forum specifically for this. I have a potential client who is an author and while I can help her with certain things there are others I am not sure about as I have never worked with an author before. Anyone here work with authors and can you...
  19. Emmeelue84

    Company Name

    How do I go about determining a good company name for myself that isnt already being used?
  20. Emmeelue84

    Website design

    Can anyone recommend a good place to go for a free website? I am just getting started with my own business.