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    Accounting/Time Tracking

    I've heard that freshbooks is good for both. I don't use it currently as my budget isn't there yet. I use toggl for time tracking and PayPal for invoicing. When I can afford more per month, I will probably move to freshbooks.
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    Should you have Target Market or not?

    Thanks! I think that is a good medium between the two thoughts.
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    Should you have Target Market or not?

    I have done some research and taken some VA classes as I am starting up as a VA. Most of the classes recommend having a target market. I get that it makes sense to focus your business and become an expert to a specific market, but my question is, do you recommend starting a target market right...
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    Odesk/Upwork and other freelance sites?

    I used to use those sites awhile ago when I first got started. I never had any luck getting a job from there. A lot of the clients posting jobs there are looking for the cheapest bid in my opinion.
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    How to design a logo

    I would recommend using a professional to create a logo, they are more knowledgeable than just creating a pretty graphic. But if you really want to do it on your own you will need to make sure your logo is a vector graphic. This is important because a vector graphic will allow you to resize the...
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    Hello from Iowa!

    Hello! My name is Jenny Witte. I have been a freelance graphic designer part time for over 8 years as I worked as an administrative assistant. I have just recently decided to start working full time from my home as a virtual assistant and graphic designer. I'm so excited to be a part of this...
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read and understand the terms and conditions.