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  1. deedallas

    Update On Networking Event

    Well as some of you know I attended my first Networking Event. And as of yesterday Fri. I received a call and I have a meeting next week to talk about some of my Social Media Services. Yes and also from that same Event. I have a potential client that will I will be partnering up with in a few...
  2. deedallas

    First Client

    Greetings All. Today May 4, 2015 I received my first client and signed the contract and received a deposit. I am really Stoked and Excited also Tues will be my first Networking Event. Looking forward to this also. I feel really good about myself right about now. I will keep you guys...
  3. deedallas

    Help Answering this Question

    Greetings VA's I am applying on a few VA sites and I have been asked this question. Describe your relevant experience and qualifications.. How would you answer this question being that I am New and have yet to get my first client. :yikes::yikes:
  4. deedallas

    Job Fair

    Hello VA's. Ok will a few weeks ago i mentioned that I will b attending a Job Fair. Well I requested a list of whom would be attending the Job Fair. Well I got the email yesterday. So now where do I start, meaning which Employers should I approach and which ones should I leave a business card...
  5. deedallas

    How to get clients?

    I would like to know where is a good start to getting clients. Can someone point me in the right direction. I feel f I get at least one client. It will let me know that i have made the right decision to becoming a VA. I have been wanting to Start my own VA business for so long and now I am...
  6. deedallas

    Job Fair

    Morning All. Recently I received a newsletter regarding the events that are being hosted in my area. On April 16 2015 from 4-6 p.m.. My question to you all is should I attend this job Fair and whom should I talk to. I would like to get local as well as Online/Virtual clients. Any feedback I...
  7. deedallas

    Pricing on packages

    Hello All. I am as some of you Know a Newbie. So OK I have my price advertised on my website as $25.00 an hour. But as I have been doing my research I have noticed that a few VA's advertise Package's......OK This is where I ask how can I do the Package thing. Which seems like a pretty good way...
  8. deedallas

    Blogging Help

    Hello All..... I am Dee, my question is, Can some one tell me if I am Blogging correctly. I am blogging on but it is not showing up on my website. So am I to take it that WordPress blog is one thing and then posting on my website blog page is something totally different. Just...
  9. deedallas

    Best sites for Social Media Posting?

    What sites would say is the Best site I should post or be on to get my name out there and Hopefully find someone that wants to Hire me...Presently I am on Face Book and Google+.
  10. deedallas

    Do I need a VA Certificate?

    Hello I am a new VA just starting out working on building my website. It's been challenging because I also take care of my elderly elderly Mother. But Such Is The Way. I just last night set up my Google+ post. Go a lot of relays but it's still early. My question is to set up Facebook Business is...