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    How Hire React JS Developer

    First, let me guide you on the same. Going for a freelance ReactJS developer will be the best choice only if you succeed to find the right person with the right skills and experience at the right time. This will be a difficult task but not an impossible one. But why waste your time when you...
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    Android app developments

    At the current time, Android OS is growing everywhere. It is expanding like everything so as the big enterprises that develop applications on the Android Platform. Surely, when the need is high, there will be lots of android app development companies who will work to meet the same demand of the...
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    parking app development ?

    cars are increasing day by day and new EV market will help in green energy so it is possible that people are going to buy more cars which can create parking problems so for that if you are looking forward to making one parking app then you should read this guide.
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    how to start dimond jewelary business

    Starting is hard in anything we do and business is hard to start and if you are looking to starting a Dimond jewelry business the three are things that you need to look forward to being successful full in business which are very vital and that we have covered in this blog read this to understand...
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    what is best services providers

    there are a lot of companies that provide development services but if you are looking for then Biztech CS is one of the best services providers if you want to know more about it then please visit
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    Mobile app development company

    Want to make your Mobile app? We have a team of 300+ talented developers (UI/UX designers, mobile app developers, and quality analysts) in our company to deliver strategically designed and creatively crafted mobile application development services to take your company to the next level. At...
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    how to start profitable business? online

    Find a need and fill it. Write copy that sells. Design and build an easy-to-use website. Use search engines to drive traffic to your site. Establish an expert reputation for yourself. Follow up with your customers and subscribers with email. Increase your income through back-end sales and...
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    how much does it cost to build uber clone app?

    The cost to build an app like Uber may range anywhere between $67,000 and $150,000 for one or two user apps (for iOS and Android), respectively. You would also need to include the price of an admin panel development that could start at $14,000. if you are looking for proper guide the here it...
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    how to make uber clone app?

    After Uber revolutionized taxi booking by taking it completely online, many companies came up with similar models to serve different industries having booking systems. The ease of opting services and highly satisfied customers are the reasons for the success behind this business model. If you’re...
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    Start neckless business..

    If you have closely observed the jewelry market, you will agree with these two observations. First, is that the jewelry market is primarily local. Majority of the market consists of national brands or small/mid-sized enterprises. On the other hand, big names like Cartier and Tiffany & Co...
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    How to start jwellary business?

    The industry of artificial jewelry business, also known as the custom jewelry, seems to have a glittering future. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for imitation jewelry is projected to reach a revised size of US$40.6 Billion by 2027. It can be quite easy to get into this space. But...
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    How to start jwellary business

    Buying a ring is an emotional experience. It invokes different emotions – whether it’s an engagement ring that symbolizes an eternal bond or a self-love ring to treat yourself. and the same way it is marketed so if you want to do business then it's all about trust and in the jewelry business it...
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    How to Build a Successful On-demand Food-Delivery App? What Developers Must Know

    To build a successful on-demand food-delivery app there are several things that need to be considered include the type of business model, features, versions of the app, and challenges to establish a successful venture. Additionally, developers must know basic features for the food delivery app...
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    is there any thing about parking app development ???

    If you are thinking of investing in this market, you are at the right place. Going further, we will discuss parking app development, how to start with car parking app development, features needed, different types of car parking applications, and more. Different Types of Car Parking...
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    How to make uber clone app???

    How to Replicate the Features in Uber Let’s take a closer look at the features we would like to replicate in the Uber app. Essentially, the uber app is more like three apps in one. It has an admin panel for managing the business, an app for passengers, and another app for drivers. All these...
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    How to start online business ?

    How to start a business is the most asked question all around the world but it is not that hard but also not that easy 1. Find a business idea Finding small business ideas is a task you can approach systematically by relying on time-tested approaches that have worked for other entrepreneurs. No...
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    iOS & android app development

    Biztech CS help you build high class iOS apps with our Native iOS app development services. We are here to help you develop fully functional applications that boost your business.Our iOS development team to help you with developing applications and provide user experience. Our iOS development...
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    How can i create an Android app for the woo commerce Store ?

    Following are the requirements: A WordPress site with the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated Android 5.0 and higher running device Jetpack plugin installed, activated and connected to account For installing your store should be either: Hosted on with a...
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    Uber Clone App

    First let us have a look at the necessary features to make an app like uber: Geolocation, Routing and directions should be sorted Opt for Cashless payment feature. Make safe,seamless and cashless payment possible. Calculate the fare according to your ride Registration should be easy to access...
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    Develop a trending social media app with the help of signal

    A cloned app is not a great option if you’re starting a new business. Yes, building an app like Signal would be a lucrative option but clone apps are not flexible. Custom solutions are tailored to your needs. They are built from scratch and will have all the features that you require. You can...