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    Question Trying to decide on a name???

    While I do like the name, I wonder if the name will be difficult for people to remember. If the name is so unusual and people are not aware of it ahead of hearing it, I think some names may not be memorable and you would want them to remember in order to type it into a search. I believe a...
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    Question Software specific for VA's

    I'm interested to know if this will be 2 for client work and one for VAs to track sales and contacts for future sales. It seems to me that there are already CRMs that VAs can use with their clients such as Basecamp and Asana. Separate from that I use a tracking sheet to track...
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    Question Thinking of taking the leap, not sure where to start

    When I opened my VA business over 10 years ago, I probably failed at least 10 times. Expect that some things will work while others will not. It's not considered failure to me unless you give up. Not having a job is actually a true motivator during the start up stage. I suggest you learn...
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    Is calling ourselves VA's demeaning?

    Hello, Since rebranding my business this year; connecting entrepreneurs with virtual professionals, I have used the term virtual professional as an umbrella term for virtual opportunities. Unfortunately, VA is still used and seems to resonate with people more so than any other title I have...
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    VA companies to work for?

    Hi Mitch, I don't recommend working with any VA companies. My suggestion is to actually work to start your own business and build a reputation as an expert in your field. With the right marketing strategy and offering value to people on discussion boards such as LinkedIn people will come to...
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    Text-to-Speech Program

    Hi Pam, I wish I could help you with this and hopefully someone here will have your answer. If not, I want to mention a group on LinkedIn called Closed Captions, Subtitles & Transcription that has 4,600 members. Sometimes when I have a question that no one in my other resources cannot...
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    I let my domain and hosting expire, now what?

    If the domain is still available, you should be able to renew it. If it is not renewable, you can purchase it again if no one else has purchased it. If you are asking if the website is still in existence since the domain has expired, my understanding is that it will still be there provided no...
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    Question Booking Travel without Client Credit Card?

    Travel is booked by credit card. I can not think of any other way. As Pam suggested, ask the client to open a company card for your use. If there is some reason that is uncomfortable, you can draw up a confidentiality agreement, if one has not been done already. This may assure the client that...
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    Site Upgrade

    Suzanne, Is this a or .org site? The .com version is very limited. offers themes here, but you could purchase other themes from Elegant Themes or Themeforest for example. I am inclined to think that your client may not self-host her...
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    Kelly, Be sure, if you are not already, to bill for your time to troubleshoot this issue. That is my advice because these kinds of thing can eat into your valuable time that you could be using marketing your business or working with other paying clients. Good luck! Janine
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    Kelly, It's hard to troubleshoot something like this without all the details such as browser usage and types of devices. I have DropBox on my iPad, my android phone, Windows laptop and iPod. I can access these files across these devices. If this client is not local then perhaps you can set...
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    How do I find my niche?

    This is the first step in finding the target market taken from the article above that I linked. It's a great way to start the process. 1) Start with the Smallest Market Possible – This may feel counterintuitive to many just starting a business, but you have to find a group of customers that...
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    Do I have to have a blog?

    Lowanna and Jennifer, You don't always have to write to have a blog. You can have a video blog or vlog. You can post an image and then write a few lines. You can purchase a quality photo from and then use Canva to add text to the image. Or you can use Flickr Creative Commons for...
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    Hi Kelly, Congratulations on the new client! There is nothing that feels as good as obtaining that first client. The first thing that came to my mind was Dropbox. It's an app I use on my laptop to update my files and also on my phone to view those files. If that doesn't work for you, post...
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    Question Time off in retainer contract

    I don't provide any holidays or timeline when I am off or will be on vacation. In the 10 years I have been a VA, I just tell the client when I am not going to be in the office and make sure that all work is done ahead of time or that someone I have contracted is filling in. If there has been...