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Company Motto
Online Business Management
Specialty and Services
I offer a range of Business Coaching and Project Management services to Digital Agencies and Internet Entrepreneurs. My corporate background includes high level IT, Project Management and Internet Marketing. I’ve been working closely with Digital Agencies and Internet Entrepreneurs remotely since 2009. My experience is both extensive and specific to the Online industry. Most often, the most likely candidate for my services is a Digital Agency who is trying, unsuccessfully, to scale their business.
Preferred Industries
Digital Agencies
Rates and Terms
Long-term Project Management – $25-$35/hr
This is my primary service offering, and it involves a huge range of possible items. If you have a long term project, a business overview meeting is essential.

Internet Marketing Coaching – $45/hr
If you are a small business owner and are lost when it comes to leveraging the Internet to improve customer leads and retention, I can help.

General Assistance – $20-$30/hr
If your a small business and need someone to answer client emails, prepare sales materials, or need small projects organized, I can help.


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