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    Discovered a GREAT SITE!

    I had a look and it was awesome! I love it...
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    Tip Useful tool for multiple Client logins

    Wow! What a cool find. I will surely check out how two gmail accounts can be surely logged in.
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    In what way does your client send all your tasks?

    Thank you so much! I learned a lot from all your inputs. I realized how important to test out other project management tools just to please our clients. :) I wish you all the best fellas!
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    Curdbee - Free Invoicing

    I have been seeking for free invoice software. I hope this one works well and tiiiiiit.... will not lead to free trial only...
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    Question What Browser(s) Do You Use?

    I used Chrome as a a default browser. I also have Internet Explorer & Firefox :)
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    Help with my tagline and brand

    I got that Paper Carrier name from an inspirational story of a paper carrier girl. VAs and paper carriers work has similarities. They do great services. They're always on time and deliver courteously. I may be miles away from my clients but I would love to be as attainable as a paper carrier...
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    Help with my tagline and brand

    Brand PAPER CARRIER Virtual Services This is the only tagline that I have- "Never been short of support" I made it simple for an independent VA like me. hehe what u think fellas?
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    Cute Baby Animals Increase Productivity and Work Performance?!

    The video is so cute. I have kittens in my house. I don't think it will work for me. I energized my self through eating chocolate. I find it the best way to improve my performance during my drowsy hours of work. Also, sneaking on my savings inspires me a lot to work. LOL
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    Hi Kevin! Welcome to the forum! I am new to VA industry. Looking forward to reading your posts.
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    Do you think this twitter strategy will work for a VA business?
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    Online Advertising

    I have bookmarked the page so I can check those sites this weekend. :D
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    Linkedin info

    I had created my Li two years ago. But it was just last month that I get back again to complete the profile. Unfortunately, I haven't completed my profile yet up to this very moment. My 3 first connections are my bosses. The 4th one is Tess hehe:) I am very happy she found me in Li.
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    Oby virtual services introduction

    Welcome to VAF Oby! Have fun in exploring the forum. :DGood luck to your venture!
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    Client Management

    This might help