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    How important is your logo?

    I personally think the thin lines on the circles look elegant. I would pick a different font though for Jotam. I wonder if your brother is horrified by green banner. I like the green on the logo but the banner is too MS Office. The link you post has "logos and more" written under Desktop...
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    Resource What do you have that you can sell today? (worksheet)

    Very interesting. I like it, thank you for sharing this.
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    Need your input with my business name

    I agree with Luz, if we had more to go on it would be better.
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    Website Feedback?

    Hi Laura Sue, I think you may want to have an "about you" page. Also a link to your linkedin page which lists where you previously worked and interned. I would list your blogs, it will give people an idea of what you can do. Good Luck! michele
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    Just joining

    Hi Ralph, This is the best forum, everyone is very sweet and helpful. Welcome aboard. :D
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    company name

    I just looked at the WHOIS and it was purchased back in April. :( Domain Name: Created on..............: 2013-04-21 Expires on..............: 2014-04-21
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    logo advice

    :) I like her request page. This site is very theatrical in looks, old world meets modern at the same time. It isn't to my taste but I can see how a guy might not mind going to the page and requesting services. So you have opened my eyes. Thank you. She has all of these old world patterns and...
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    logo advice

    How about this? Thri√e : Check. Double √. Done
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    logo advice

    I was looking at the link ReeseBy mentioned: She uses a pink/purple very subtly. The small type is hard to see on the large picture but as an accent I think it could work. *Keep in mind, her audience is mostly woman, she has 59 women and only 9 guys who recommend her...
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    logo advice

    I think silver and red would be good too. Michele
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    logo advice

    I was just playing around with Thrive √... I realize you were going with a script, are you still wanting that or would you rather go with a san serif font? I kind of like how this looks: Thrive √
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    logo advice

    okay, :) we can start the design process: Have you read the latest post by Stephanie Cogeos on the science of color? This was the link where she posted: and this was the post on the science of...
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    logo advice

    Why not go simple. Thri√e You Thrive while we Check things off your list.
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    Question Client Transition

    Hi Melissa, I have never used Elance but I have read about it from a business prospective and I am not sure businesses want to be transitioned off, because the whole premise is to hold people accountable by using the rating system and to get a good deal. I wish you luck in your endeavor.
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    Link Science of Color

    very interesting article. Thanks for sharing it.