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    Wordpress Site Building

    Thanks so much for all of the feedback. I should have been more clear; I didn't really mean "I'm going to take a course this weekend and start charging on Monday!!". Even though, looking back, that's exactly how my post sounded. I just didn't know if investing in a course was worth it; if I...
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    Wordpress Site Building

    I love! My library has a deal with them somehow, and my membership to lynda is included with my library card. I'll definitely check that out; I didn't even think of it!
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    Wordpress Site Building

    Does this go in Rates & Billing? If not, please move it to the correct board. :) How much do you charge to build a basic site for a client? Here's my dilemma. Well, maybe not a dilemma, maybe just a question. I'm thinking of taking a course that would teach me to build a Wordpress...
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    Need clients? - Now what??

    Thanks so much, Tess & Wendy! I'll definitely look into my local SBDC and into creating that Facebook business page. I have one for my blog, and I think that was pretty easy to set up. I'm just going to have to change my mindset from employee to business owner. I fully admit that putting...
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    Need clients? - Now what??

    Sorry this is so long. I know this is an older thread, but I still really need all the great info here! I'm just starting up and I'm just overwhelmed at trying to figure out where to even start to get clients. I want to focus on authors, and as a book blogger I do have access to some of them...
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    Odesk/Upwork and other freelance sites?

    Since I'm trying to get started, I've been looking at Upwork quite a bit. I'm not really having any luck, though. Like Jennifer said, most of what I'm seeing is from people who are just looking for the lowest bidder. They aren't really looking for quality.
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    Should you have Target Market or not?

    I think it's better to have a target market, but especially in the beginning, be open to working with people who don't fit right into it. I'm going to focus on authors, but I've been an executive assistant for 15 years, so if I get a client who would make use of those skills instead, I'll...
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    Accounting/Time Tracking

    I'm trying to decide on accounting & time tracking software right now. I really like the look and features of Wave, and I'm looking at My Hours for time tracking. Does anyone know of a service that does both tracking and invoicing/accounting? Or am I better off just getting 2 separate systems...
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    Social Media Graphics

    I love Canva, too. I use that site and PicMonkey the most for creating social media images. Both sites are really easy to use.
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    LinkedIn Profile

    I've had a LI profile for years, but I haven't really done much with it in the past. Now that I'm trying to get my VA business off the ground I'm trying to set it up. I've written a summary/intro section for myself and my skills, but I"m not sure what to do about the resume section. Do I put my...
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    .com vs .net

    Thanks, SuzannaK!! The .com version isn't being used, it's just owned by someone who's sitting on it and is selling it for $2900, which is a little much. :-) I really like the name, though, so I may just go the .net route. I just have this weird hang up about it.
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    .com vs .net

    How big a deal is .com vs .net? The domain I want is available in .net, but not .com. I really wanted .com, but I also really wanted this business name and domain. Thanks!
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    Where can I get good HTML training?

    This is an old thread, I know, but I just wanted to say that I bought a book by to learn both HTML and CSS and it was enormously helpful. Also, someone mentioned, which is another great site. Check with your library - mine has an agreement with and I get to...
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    Greetings from Ohio!

    Hi, everyone! My name is Heather and I'm brand new to this venture. I currently work as an administrative assistant, but I'd like to transition to being a virtual assistant and working for myself. I also currently run a book blog, so ideally I'd like to work with authors, though not necessarily...