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    My niche - Authors, Speakers, Coaches & Other Creative Types

    I have a similar niche, though I want to focus more on health and wellness.
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    Trying to establish my niche

    I have been thinking about it and have decided my niche is coaches and health & wellness, it just makes sense, they are very similar with similar needs. I am a health coach myself and the clients I work with while not strictly health & wellness are into some sort of coaching/consulting business.
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    In what way does your client send all your tasks?

    Very interesting thread, am curious now about Basecamp. I have 2 clients and they each have assigned me a company email account which makes keeping them separate very easy. I also speak with one 2x a week and the other every other week, that helps to clarify and tasks that need to get done.
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    VA Someecards (the ones you see on Facebook)

    What a great idea, love love love it! That was a good one too, nice job!
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    Virtual Assistant to Health and Wellness Practitioners

    This is an interesting niche - I AM a wellness coach and a VA. Specific needs would be calendar management, client booking, client follow-up/session confirmation, client file management, help with articles, workshop creation and booking, newsletter management, blog uploading creating, social...
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    Trying to establish my niche

    I don't have a niche yet, I work with small biz solopreneurs - basically one-man-band entrepreneurs. I provide admin services and anything else that they need that I can handle. I like it LOL so I guess I found my niche...
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    Set Time Frames and On Call?!

    I am curious to see what happened (or didn't) with this client. I don't have a lot of clients and so block out times I work for them. They know the days that I am around and available and we have our calls scheduled. The one time I received an unscheduled call it was urgent and prefaced with an...
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    Experienced VAs - How many hours can you work?

    I am curious about the packages that people offer. Lisa you gave some examples and I am curious what others do. Also what happens if you are under or over the hours that the client paid for in the package, do you reconcile the following week/month? How do you feel this benefits your business? TIA
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    How did you get started?

    I was an EA for a very long time. I decided to become a health coach and go back to school full-time. Since support is something I know and am good at I decided to go the VA route for a second income stream. Now am trying to figure out how to market two fledgling businesses that are different...
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    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    I am now a business consultant! I was struggling a bit with the VA title.
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    Question What % of Virtual Assistants are Full Time?

    I work part-time as a VA I am also a Health Coach and a dietetics student. Since my background is as an EA it was a logical step for me to do VA work while in school and building my other business. If there was a way I can make both work together I would love to do that.
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    Question Timing jobs?

    I saw some people posted about a tracking site called freshbooks on another thread, I think they have a free version and a paid version. So far I have been using an excel spreadsheet that converts time to actual numbers to check my hours agains the various trackers I use. I also use that to...
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    Tip Useful tool for multiple Client logins

    That sounds really useful. I keep all my gmail accounts open at the same time but hate that I have to log out of my hootsiute to do social media for my clients. Will check out!
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    Question IPhone or Android?

    I like using my iphone & ipad, however, the apps I have downloaded are probably all available for android too. I think whichever you decide as long as it's a smartphone can work well on the road.
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    New on this site

    Hello! I am new to this site, I actually found it just last night. I am a student and I work as a VA to help pay bills. My business is fairly small, I have a couple of clients and am looking to add another few, nothing crazy since I have to prioritize my schoolwork. This site looks like a...