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    Announcement Facebook Shout out & $50 coupon

    Thank you Tricia! I did my best but I feel there's room for improvement. But again, thanks for supporting xoxo
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    Business Cards

    Exactly YaySibra! Websites and Social Media are definitely the way to go nowadays but as you mentioned, you never know where you'll meet your next prospect! Imagine how awkward it will be to handwrite your detail in a paper the moment your prospect asks where they can find more about you or...
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    Announcement Facebook Shout out & $50 coupon

    Hello guys and gals! That Secretary, my VA business is on Facebook! I'm so excited as things evolve towards the Official Launch which is set for April 1st! Please feel absolutely free to visit the page (search for That Secretary) and connect with me :-) There's a special $50 off coupon uploaded...
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    Business Cards

    Thank you Tricia, you're very kind and supporting!
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    Business Cards

    Hi everyone! As promised, these are my brand new business cards! I got 350 double sided cards plus 140 matching address label stickers for a mere of 10 pounds. I chose as they were the cheapest and offered me a discount so I thought I didn't have much to lose if I ordered. I'm...
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    Question I feel like I am cutting myself short while establishing my prices.

    Hello KevynS, I'm at the same stage as you are. Actually, I'm trying to move from freelancing on micro job sites to creating my own business so pricing has been a concern of mine, recently. I'm currently charging by the hour but I am not very fond of following that structure when launching my...
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    Business Cards

    I really like the rectangular design Rachel, it adds style and a modern sense. Best of luck! I wasn't very lucky with my local printer in regards to my design. He claimed the file was full of pixels and advised to craft a mock-up for me. I went with that but the result was completely, well, not...
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    What a Filipino Rock-Star VA looks like…and how you can create one!

    I absolutely agree. It's discriminating to put labels to people based on origin. I happen to know Filippino VA's that are REALLY hard workers and very eager when it comes to assisting their clients. My concern was that the article is defaming Filippino VA's and honestly if I were a client I...
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    Question Clients' & Prospects' Key Problems

    Hi everyone! I was wondering, what are your clients' and prospects' key problems when asking for assistance? The profound reply is that they need your services, but my question is merely oriented towards understanding WHY they can't or won't perform the tasks themselves and would rather have...
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    In what way does your client send all your tasks?

    I used to get assigned tasks daily through email BUT besides the inquiry emails my client needs me to track and follow up on updates she gets from staff or calendar her meetings, schedule appointments and a whole bunch of other things so getting cc'ed the whole day only to get informed that this...
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    How to charge for file system building and maintenance

    Hello Norma, I guess you need/should ask the workload specifics. In that case, you'll be able to roughly estimate how long it will take you to complete the first phase of the contract (building the filing system) and price your services accordingly.It doesn't matter what the workload sounds...
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    Is calling ourselves VA's demeaning?

    Thanks for the valuable advice Rhonda, I've already sent a polite message in which I request to be announced what I am and not what she feels like presenting me as.
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    Is calling ourselves VA's demeaning?

    Thanks for your input Tricia - much appreciated :-) Since I'm crafting my branding strategy these days (trying to launch my online business) I came with an idea that will either work or totally burn me down. My silly question would be: how were the ladies working in administrative positions...
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    Tag Line

    I believe it is a matter of personal preference, Tracey. I personally like taglines/slogans because they encapture the company's main advantages and points of differentiation within a memorable, short phrase. If taglines were considered cheesy or generally outdated a practice, I believe that no...
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    New member from Chicago

    Welcome, Leigh! I'm new on the forum as well but it is an indispensable source of good advise and ideas when it comes to VA entrepreneurship! What niche are you considering following?