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Old 07-20-2012
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Default Re: Veni, vidi, VA
Hi everyone, I haven't replied and for that I'm sorry. I didn't really have any answers, I've been somewhat more confused than usual.

I was thinking mostly in terms of Excel and Access when I first looked into VA. I'm most comfortable working with things that are cut and dried, either right or wrong. I would prefer to be able to do more creative stuff, but I know I haven't got the ability. Later I started thinking about doing sites with WordPress, but really, it's the creative side of that I'm interested in, the technical stuff does not appeal even though it's comparatively simple.

Now I'm back to Excel and Access. I'm comfortable with the kind of work but I haven't done actual work with them and have to mostly relearn them. I'm fine with starting off slow and easy. Getting work is another thing. I'm not good at marketing myself. Someone was recently posting about becoming an Excel subcontractor, that sounds like a good route, but since I got the idea from them I don't want to be trying to take work that they would be doing.

When it comes to thinking outside the box, the only thing I think of is that I took accounting a long time ago. I got half way through the program then ran into tax laws. But I wonder if I could learn Quickbooks- it sounds like it would make things easier. But I wonder how much of a chance there is of becoming liable due to a mistake.
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Old 07-22-2012
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Default Re: Veni, vidi, VA

I'm not sure what you're funds look like and if you could afford any coaching or mentoring at this stage but it sounds like you could benefit from a little mentoring right now. It is really quite common not to know where or how to get started and it is often difficult to think outside the box at first. Marketing yourself is also the trickiest thing to market I think, but with time all these things will become more clear. But you will never know any of it until you step out of your comfort zone and just take some action.

If you feel you might be comfortable with Excel and Access then perhaps that is a good place to start and then build on that as you begin to gain confidence and clients.

Best of luck!
Rhonda Holscher, Owner/CEO
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