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Old 05-08-2008
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Default Client referrals but not from a client
I just had a request from someone in my target market who saw my website and likes it. He and I are connected on Facebook. This person messaged me to say he knows people who could use my service and wants to refer them to me. He asked if I had a client referral program. (why?)

I do have a client referral program for current clients who bring me more business. But, what do I do in this case? I've never had that happen before.
Should I tell him about my current referral program and hope that he hires me so that I can give him a referral gift? What if he doesn't need a VA right now but knows people who do and he's just trying to help everyone out.

Any thoughts?
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Old 05-08-2008
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Default Re: Client referrals but not from a client
I would tell him about the current program and if he isn't interested offer to help him out with a project or two in the future depending on how much business he sent you. Also don't forget to send a thank you card to him if he does send business your way.
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Old 05-08-2008
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Default Re: Client referrals but not from a client
Hi Shari - congrats on the referral!
I have had friends of clients (with whom I've never worked) refer what turned out to be long standing new clients. I always send them a gift as a thank you - but I don't have a client referral program so there's no real protocol there...

Since you do have a referral program though (and I'm assuming it's invoice based?) you could let him know about it but tell him that you necessarily handle non-client referrals differently (as there's no invoice...). Then, send a thank you gift (which could be an hour or two of services even, if you're inclined to give that sort of thing away) or something else entirely.

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Old 05-08-2008
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Default Re: Client referrals but not from a client
My referral program is the same for everyone, whether they're a client or not.
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