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Old 08-25-2010
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Company name: Amy Gets Things Done
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Default Client's FB/Twitter
Do you do status updates/tweets for your client?
I do FB and Twitter upkeep for my client but don't do the updates or comments. Just thought I'd get some feedback on how you handle your client's FB/Twitter/Other. Any thoughts...
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Old 09-28-2010
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Default Re: Client's FB/Twitter
So far I have only encountered one client that required Twitter updates. I registered a Twitter account, gave him the details, occasionally post some updates and that's all. This is part of promoting a site he owns.
Writing Consultation | creative writing, customer support, website maintenance
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Old 10-20-2010
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Default Re: Client's FB/Twitter
Hey Amy,
I think it depends on what you and the client have worked out. Social Media management is my primarily job for some of my clients-this covers every single task. When we first go over objectives they let me know what they see in their FB/twitter accounts and I tend to cover the work from there. If there is an especially personal post/comment or question that the small business owner should be involved in I do save it and let them respond but when I cover the social media/PR I do so completely, often it is a very daunting task for some without the experience of social media in the first place.
If you are taking on FB/Twitter posts for a very specific small business it may be harder to take on the posts on your own w/o excessive co knowledge, maybe best leaving details to the owner. An educational software company I created FB/twitter for is large enough the CEO didnt have time to touch social media so it's been a great learning experience on how to cover everything start to finish.
When you do upkeep but not posts are you just covering image uploads/box or tab management? Is there a lot for you to do after the initial setup? I'm interested to hear how others "do social media"
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Old 10-21-2010
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Default Re: Client's FB/Twitter
I was doing some social media for one client, and we started off I set up some accounts and they had some accounts already established/set up. The client provided the content and I just cleaned it up and posted it, but the client was hoping that I would eventually take over the task of creating the content. I have a hard time creating my own content, and I recently told this client that I did not feel I was successfully meeting their social media needs and offered to either find them a VA to contract with, or subcontract the work out for them. They responded that would need to think about that and then they said they were rethinking the whole social media thing anyway as they did not see it as being beneficial. So as of right now that has been put on hold and I am still waiting for them to decide.

Social Media is not my strong suit. So if I do social media for anyone else now it will be just setting up the accounts and cleaning up and posting content that they provide. I will not be offering creating the content.
Rhonda Holscher, Owner/CEO
Rhonda's Virtual Office - YOUR Virtual Assistant
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Old 10-21-2010
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Default Re: Client's FB/Twitter
I do help with my clients putting up content. Basically she gives me the info she requires posted and I just schedule the tweets. I do respond to some replies from time to time but if it's something I don't know I pass it on to my client who will answer them.
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Old 10-23-2010
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Default Re: Client's FB/Twitter
I also think it would be based on the client. I have one client that I set up FB page, Twitter Account for, and started them off, but they are managing it on their own at this point. Another thing to take into account is their technology knowledge. The client that I am speaking about doesn't have a lot of technology knowledge, so I did have to explain to her how to do it. Her other option was to pay me to do it, so she chose to do it on her own.

Hope this helps.
Becky Padgett
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