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Making the Most of Your VAF Membership: Stay active

Posted 08-23-2010 at 08:12 PM by VAF Admin  
Forums and online communities are the original social networks - participating in the conversation and making the most of all that your free membership at Virtual Assistant Forums has to offer is an important part of your internet marketing plan - IF you take advantage of the opportunity. Here’s how!

Stay active:
You’re an important member of the Virtual Assistant Forums community! From the research and startup phase you've seen the benefit of participation in this top-notch forum, but how important is it to remain active on the boards after you're established? There are many reasons ongoing participation at VAF is important, here are just a few:

- Visibility among your peers - "Being an active member of VAF has directly resulted in referrals to potential clients from fellow members. I have also made referrals and subcontracted work to fellow VAF members. Each time, my decision to make a referral or subcontract to a specific VA has been based on my interaction with them on the forums." says VAF member, Kim LeRiche

- Keeping up with the industry - the VA industry is experiencing growth, new trends, and change on a regular basis. What better place to get the latest news and participate in intelligent, lively conversation on those topics than VAF?

- Keeping up with your niche - your posts on the boards should reflect a current tap on the pulse of your specialty. But if your last post is outdated, you and your company appear outdated. Keep it current!

- Ongoing support and quality, current information - Serena Carcasole was an active VAF member before she even had a name for her business and now runs a successful multi-VA practice, VBS On Demand, states, "When I began establishing my business, I was unsure of where to start and what direction to take. VAF acted as my encyclopedia and bible. Now, as a well-established VA, the forums are still indispensible to me. There has never been a time when my questions have gone unanswered."
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Viewing RFPs

Since it takes so many posts to have access to the RFP's, could closed ones be made available to us new members who haven't gotten there yet?

I would just like to see what a finished one looks like, what kind of information the clients furnish, etc. Just curious.
Posted 09-08-2010 at 02:26 PM by carrie48 carrie48 is offline
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If you're interested in seeing what kind of information goes into an RFP you can click the 'Hire a Virtual Assistant' link in the main menu and view the RFP form.
Posted 09-16-2010 at 02:50 PM by VAF Admin VAF Admin is offline

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