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Accountability. Integrity. Liability. (A.I.L.)

Posted 06-14-2012 at 11:30 PM by uniquely40  
Okay, one of my clients needed a PowerPoint Presentation, he wanted it nicely done. He send me notes on how it should be prepared and how it should look, but he didn't send the topic of the PowerPoint. I spoke to him over the phone about this and he told me to pick a SUBJECT. I was stun and my jaw dropped. I said, "Did I hear you correctly, you want me to pick a topic." He said, "Yes". I told him, I could prepare anything with that answer. He later told me, he’s in school and he couldn't run his business and prepare presentations for school. I found out his major, along with his notes I took it from there.

And, yes he is a long standing client and he understood that this was outside his retainer and will be invoiced differently. I am very honest with my clients, I could have done the presentation without the knowledge of his major, but I did not want to think about the end result. At least now he had a chance to get the grade he deserves, don't worry he was involved in this; we’re talking about a college degree and not a high school diploma. In this business, it is not always about money but integrity.

Integrity is missing from some inner being; sometime it is about going after that dollar and not giving a damn who gets hurt in the process. Accountability is also missing, wrong deals mostly ends up hurting individuals and some have been driven to suicide; prime example, the mortgage scheme perpetrated in the early 2000's. So many individuals lost their homes and ended up homeless. The companies and individuals that created this problem were not held accountable for this deed.

Okay, I am getting off the subject again; accountability in a Virtual Administrative Assistant business is very important. A virtual administrative assistant is sometimes the first person a clients’ customer comes in contact with; you must have the knowledge, compassion or the right answers to get that customer attention. Anything you say to the clients’ customer makes you liable, anything you do for your clients’ customer makes you liable. If you do not believe this, ask your client whom he or she will blame if a deal falls through and you were involved in all the proceeding. To all administrative assistant, may you be virtual or not, make sure your have your professionalism entact. This will make all the differences in the world, and you will be able to work any profession. (A.I.L.)

Now back to my original story, my client needed a PowerPoint presentation prepared, because it was under special circumstances (college presentation that will be graded), my client needed to be involved. I could have ran with any idea and created a great presentation but in the end would he have passed the course. ACCOUNTABILITY. INTEGRITY. LIABILITY. (A.I.L)

***This is my company April Blog, I hope you enjoy it. I am the author.***
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