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Posted 06-09-2009 at 10:37 AM by ShelleyH
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I started the VA business in January and have had a few bites, people I thought would come through but havent. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to find someone to work with. A couple weeks ago I was talking with a lady I already work with (for) as a merchandiser. Its quick, easy cash just not alot of it. She is always swamped every time we talk, its crazy. I told her she needed more help (which she was already well aware of) but we had talked about my business and she couldnt afford my rates (translates to the co. she works for wouldnt pay for an assistant.) I finally told her that I would work for my regular merchandisers rate (much less than my VA rate), here at home, to help her out. Last week she gave me 30 hours. It felt great!!

The way we work together is I call people who have applied for jobs on 2 different sites, interview them over the phone and hire them if they are experienced enough (I already know the jobs so that part is easy), send them the necessary paperwork and get everything buttoned up. I then assign different jobs to them and keep track of their progress through the week. This is the morning portion of the job. Later, (after dinner) I call folks who already work for us to find out if they were able to complete the jobs that are due and report them online (if they havent already done so). She is teaching me how to use their extensive company website and I am keeping her stress down by doing all the talking! :thumbsup:

We understand each other and work well together. Its great!
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