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Hello there this is my first attempt at blogging on this forum. I hope you realise I am new at the blogging challenge but that is good because I can start the challenge to myself and any views here amongst friendly commentators...:yikes: I have been having a few issues with my computer this year so missed out on January and February simply because out of 40 days my computer was not working for 25 of those days. In between facing up to those issues and spending more time than I would like to admit on fixing it I have learnt a little about [URL=""]twitter[/URL] and how to share information to my [URL=""]Linkedin[/URL] account and also link in my [URL=""]wordpress[/URL] blog. Also I recently attended the [URL=""]AVAC[/URL] conference in Melbourne and not only met awesome VAs but learnt a great deal.:applause: Thanks to those who organised and participated in this event. Whilst I have a website under construction I am sure that driving traffic to my blog will be more effective once that is completed.
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