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Lesson Learned

Posted 08-04-2009 at 07:06 PM by Bernice  
One more summer weekend and one more summer festival but this time a folk festival. I retrieved the chairs from the basement, (only used for the folk festival because of low height) and it occurred to me that I should write our names on them as we would be traveling with a group this year. So off I went to get a Sharpie, and I thought I’d write my URL on the back, free advertising.

After last week’s fiasco I had learned my lesson. :scholar: I knew one of the weaker areas of my business was marketing myself and had been working on a more polished elevator speech about what I do. The opportunity came shortly after we unfolded our chairs when the gal behind us asked what I did. Without hesitation the elevator speech rolled off my tongue with ease and I actually felt empowered while talking. So what if I didn’t generate a contract on the spot, I was prepared and now I know what to say. Who knows, perhaps she’ll remember my URL and contact me for some business, after all she did stare at it most of the day.

The following is what I said, comments welcome.

I help small businesses and entrepreneurs’ save money by taking care of the things they don’t want to do. I specialize in administrative tasks but I also have a passion for special projects, event logistics and all the details that entrepreneurs don’t want to deal with including bookkeeping and websites. I have a proven track record of helping businesses grow and individuals succeed and I do it from my office located in my home. I call myself Your Executive Virtual Assistant.
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