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This whole concept of blogging has me confused

Posted 07-15-2009 at 09:03 PM by Bernice  
Anyone can start a blog, anytime, about anything. I recall a few years back when I worked on a corporate newsletter, the hardest thing was to find enough interesting content for each issue. With a blog, content is not an issue, you can say what is on your mind, provide opinions on current events or discuss your passions, basically just start typing.

You donít need a college education, a degree in journalism or be technically inclined, all you need is a connection to the internet, it can even be at the local library. You can create a blog in just a few minutes with no prior experience and you can do it for FREE.

You can write in a variety of languages, you can publish photos, videoís, music libraries or any type of catalog or tutorial for all the world to see.

So why create a blog? Well for a number of reasons, to persuade, to inform, to advise, to warn, to express or to teach. When you blog your message is published instantly. Your expressions may be considered personal, professional or corporate. Your blog may be a marketing tool which can aid in the generation of income, but if everyone is blogging, does that not reduce the significance of each blog as more of us blog?

So I blog, and two of my friends blog, and each of their two friends blog, and so on and so on, until the world has so many blogs that there are now blogs which tell us about the different kinds of blogs and blogs that rate the blogs.

If I do blog what is the worst that can happen, I can be criticized for my opinion, or condemned for providing some incorrect information. In either case the blog will have taught me to do my homework before I publish. And if someone blogs about my blog isnít that a good thing?

Isnít blogging just another form of communication, could it be therapeutic to blog, could we see things more clearly just because we have written them down? If we just need to express ourselves does blogging fill that void?

I have tried a few times to start a journal, but it never worked for me, I am still confused :confused: perhaps some BT would help; Blogging Therapy.
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