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Win a copy of The Art of Follow-Up by Jamie Lee Mann

Posted 03-18-2009 at 09:13 AM by anisemama
First in our massive line up of giveaways for Virtual Assistants this week is:

The Art of Follow-Up by Jamie Lee Mann

From her site:

Do you struggle with follow up?
Are you unsure of which method you should be using to follow up with your potential clients?
Are you afraid of following up with prospects because you don’t know what to say?
Do you think you’ll be seen as a nag if you contact someone too often?


Jaime’s conversion rates using the
procedures outlined in her book

60% leads to qualified leads
77% qualified leads to potential clients
71.4% potential clients converted to clients

Now, really, tell me, who wouldn’t like that amazing conversion rate? If that many of your potential lead turned qualified? And that many eventually became actual clients? Your virtual assistant practice would be so full, you’d have to expand and maybe even hire a virtual assistant yourself!

To enter, just head over to the post on Connecting2Give at [url][/url]

Leave a comment about how this book will help you in your virtual assistant business, and you could win!
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Virtual Assistants are WINNERS at Connecting2Give!

Posted 03-16-2009 at 09:11 PM by anisemama
I am the founder of Connecting2Give, and I am, as you might guess from my being at this site, a virtual assistant.

I LOVE being a VA.

Connecting2Give is about helping others, giving back to the community, paying it forward, and sharing in whatever ways we can, be it donations of money to someone who needs help with a heat bill, donations of clothing to a single mom going on an interview, or even just being a friend when someone needs a shoulder to cry on.

A couple of months ago, I decided to start featuring businesses that give back on Connecting2Give.

The first business I'm featuring is Virtual Assistant Forums! I love this place!

Our wonderful admin her has put together some AMAZING giveaways for this week, and they started TODAY!

We've got:

The Virtual Assistant Manual for Moms - by Angela Green
VA Secrets Revealed - by Alyssa Gregory
Virtual Assistant Boot Camp - by Anna Baron
The Art of Follow-Up - by Jamie Lee Mann
Virtual Assistant: The Series - by Dianna Ennan and Kelly Poelker
VA Quick Start - by Katie Gutierrez
The Virtual Assistant’s Guide to Landing 12 Clients in 12 Months - by Doreen Patrick

AND ClientSpot has even donated a prize of 6 months of basic service to one lucky VA! That's a value of $90!!! And if you aren't using ClientSpot, you don't know what you're missing! It's WONDERFUL!!!

So what do you have to do to enter?

Go to [URL=""]Connecting2Give[/URL]

Decide which contest(s) you want to enter. Yes, you can enter more than one! You can enter all of them if you want, but you can only win one of them. Entering all of them gives you a better chance of winning, and they are all amazing prizes!

Write a comment under the entry for the title you want to win! If you are entering to win more than one book, comment on each one. Be sure to include your VAF username in your comment!

The winners will be chosen based on passion for being a Virtual Assistant, desire, creativity, and need. Yes, that's right need! Connecting2Give is about fulfilling people's needs. So the people who need it the most, and who will benefit the most from it, are the ones who will be chosen!

Any and every single one of you DESERVE these prizes! Don't be afraid to enter! Don't hesitate! There are over 30 prizes, so you have a GREAT chance of winning!
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