Top Five Google Products for Increased Productivity

Posted 06-07-2012 at 01:17 PM by Eolas Office Solutions
There are many places to find productivity apps online. However, some obvious but sometimes overlooked tools can be found in Google’s suite of Apps. Practically everyone is familiar with Google Web Search or YouTube, but they also offer an array of tools to assist you in keeping organized and getting the job done. Here are my top five favorites, in no particular order:

1. [URL="https://drive.google.com/"]Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)[/URL]
Google Drive is a office suite and online storage that allows you to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, drawings and tables. All files are compatible with Microsoft Office. There are three things that makes Google Docs great. First, Google Docs is FREE. Secondly, because this is a web app, your documents are saved in your Google account, and are accessible (and downloadable) from any computer. Lastly, Google Drive offers a sync feature that allows you to sync docs between a folder on your computer with your google drive.

2. [URL="http://www.google.com/reader"]Google Reader[/URL]
Google Reader is a feed reader that allows you to receive all of your news and blog feeds in one place. Instead of jumping from website to website to read the news or keep up with your industry-specific blogs, Google Reader allows you to read them all in one stream.

3. [URL="http://www.google.com/alerts"]Google Alerts[/URL]
Google alerts is essential to staying on top of the current trends in your industry. Google Alerts allows you to monitor the web using a specific search query and receive regular emails with the top results.

4. [URL="https://www.google.com/voice"]Google Voice[/URL]
Google Voice is one of the greatest new Google products, because it essentially allows you to have free phone service with the benefit of many bonus features. You can forward the number to any phone of your choosing, or make calls directly from the app. In addition, your call log and voicemail are saved online, and most voicemails are transcribed as well. Many other features, such as a blocked call list and international calling, are available.

5. [URL="http://translate.google.com/"]Google Translate[/URL]
Google Translate allows you to translate words or phrases in 50 different languages. Google Translate is not limited to phrases, however. It offers a full website translator, as well translations for searches, video's, email, and chat. There's even an app for your phone.
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