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Default Re: Price Quotes
I either give them a quote for a base of 10 hours or I tell them a project will take between a certain number of hours. For example, a one time project would be at my regular hourly rate and then I would tell them it might take between 3-5 hours so they have the maximum and minimum amount that it will cost. Because I'd rather have retainer clients, then usually I just quote my minimum of 10 hours up to 40 hours per month.

Alternatively, if the client doesn't want to or isn't yet interested in retainer hours then offer to bill them for the hours used every two weeks so they can get a feel for how many hours they might need and let them know that you can discuss if they want to move to a retainer after the first month or two. This is beneficial to them if your regular hourly rate is higher than a discounted rate for being on retainer.
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