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Default Re: 4/2009 Interview with Vanessa Lindsay of Ness Lindsay
Hi Vanessa, I love your interview, great job. Last night, "Good Friday" 4/10 I made the decision to register my business name and pick a web host. When I read your interview it is very encouraging. You see my husband is a realtor and partners with his mom and I have a thing for anything that has to do with realestate. The market is starting to pick up and I think I've made my decision at the right time just before it really picks up again. I was thinking about also offering web design which at this point in time I am a newbie and I want to help small businesses with data entry or data base management. So, I guess what I want to say is I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. And I'm not sure that when I create my website should it be more geared for REVA or just Va. This is why I chose Unlimited in my business name. I hope we can bounce ideas off each other. Enjoy your day.
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