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Default Re: How to attract local attention to a blog?
I think I would do local networking, print advertising, word-of-mouth stuff as much as possible to let folks know she has a blog. If she keeps it up faithfully and has good things to say, it's likely you'll need to promote the blog itself less and less. A way to give it a boost might be to collect opt-ins and send drip emails as teasers leading to the blog.
Also, I wonder if it might be useful to consider ways your client could become more global with her business, and realize more success that way. Even a realtor, whose product is local, can benefit from national/international presence. The 'global economy' includes all of us, I think, and means that we draw to the local scene any and all interested parties from anywhere in the world.
I say all this having thought about it somewhat in relation to the networking groups I attend locally. Often I think the members don't understand the benefits of global thinking, assuming it belongs to the big companies and doesn't relate to them. But in all probability, lasting success is only possible if achieved through awareness of the global picture.
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