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Default Re: PC follow-up
Hi LaVon, congrats on the PC!
Next time, take the opportunity to set up a consultation right away - you can do this without being (or feeling) pushy, just take it as a matter of course that the PC reached out to you in order to learn more.

Since the first communication was via Twitter, I don't see a problem with visiting the PC's site and sending them a note via the contact form or similar with the invite to a consult. Be sure to include a friendly, articulate comment, question, or observation about the client's company or product, or similar.

That way, you show that you have great follow-up, are truly interested in the PC's business, and that you are on the ball and get things done. It'll also give you a chance to do a little preliminary research on the PC and learn more about their business (which should give you some nice leverage for when you do have your consultation with them).
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