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Default New Computer Virus - Windows Web Combat
Hello Fellow VAF Members,

Just a post to warn you of a new virus/malware that just showed up over the last few days. It is a program that installs on your system called Windows Web Combat. (It infected my Dad's computer.) It scans your system and tells you that you have malware. This is not the case, the only virus you have is the Windows Web Combat program. Do NOT pay the money to this company to remove the listed malware threats. They will only take your money and your computer will still not function.

There is an easy way to remove this virus, if you have System Restore, active on your computer. You need to run a System Restore while logged into your computer in Safe Mode with Networking. (The System Restore will NOT work if you are not in Safe Mode with Networking.)

If you want more information on removing this virus check out my blog post at

Julie | Virtual Resource Services, Inc (VRSI)
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