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Default Re: Do You Have a Marketing Plan?
I don't have a written plan, but would like to set something up. I don't currently do any in-person networking/group networking as I haven't needed to (thank goodness; scares me to death...LOL).

My marketing is concentrated on SEO and social media, with social media being from the standpoint of the social medial affecting SEO! I'm active on a couple of SM sites because I've found those come up pretty high on Google searches. I search for my business phone number on Google about once a month to find every place I'm listed and make sure I've "claimed" the listings and everything is correct. And I know some people have long since said bye to advertising in the yellow page book, but I still do that because I get a few clients a year from it (plus it gets me in their yellow page online directory for no additional fee).

In addition, my plans are to soon start researching the best SEO to attract local businesses and to start contacting past clients (or clients I hear from occasionally) every quarter or so just to remind them I'm here and to thank them for past business. I'm thinking this may also get my name in the front of their minds in case anyone ever asks if they know of a transcriptionist.

I had checked into putting advertising on my car, like window clingy things, but after checking with my insurance company they said that would be considered using my car for business (even though that's the only business-related thing) and I would need to put on my insurance that I used my car for business. So decided against that.

I don't have a different strategy for different times of the year because nothing that I do is seasonal.

Love to know your ideas, Pam B!
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